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ANT 6-6 Hideaway LED Strobe Light Wiring and Installation Guide

The ANT 6-6 LED hideaways are designed for headlight or taillight installation in an emergency vehicle. To make installation easy, we recommend the lights be installed before wiring. To protect the integrity of your equipment and to ensure you don’t void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty, we urge you to have this gear installed by an EVT.

ANT 6-6 Installation and Wiring Tips

Installing the ANT 6-6 LED hideaways is simple and easy. However, you can run into problems from time to time. Most troubleshooting issues are battery or wiring related. The best thing to do if you run into installation and wiring issues is to repeat the process.

Consult Extreme Tactical Dynamics or a licensed Emergency Vehicle Install Technician if you have any concerns about wiring or installing these hideaways.

ANT 6-6 LED Hideaway Light Installation in Taillights or Headlights

The installation instructions below are identical whether you are installing in taillights or headlights.

  1. Remove headlight or taillight reflector (Follow OEM instructions)
  2. Use a hole saw to cut a 1” diameter hole in flat surface
  3. Deburr hole carefully to avoid damaging wiring or parts during and after install.
  4. Place ANT 6-6 light in reflector housing
  5. Mark drilling holes
  6. Remove light
  7. Drill holes and a 5mm hole for wire passage
  8. Insert the ANT 6-6 near focal point
  9. Use included hardware to screw hideaway in
  10. Replace headlight or taillight assembly
  11. Prepare to wire hideaway

How to Wire ANT 6-6 Hideaways

  1. Wire the ANT 6-6 hideaways by connecting the red, yellow, and green wires to the positive terminal on a switch.
  2. Wire black wire to negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.
  3. Change flash patterns by tapping the blue wire to the negative terminal

How to Synchronize ANT 6-6 Hideaways

ANT 6-6 hideaways can be synchronized together. To synchronize lights, wire the lights as mentioned above. When cycling through the flash patterns, stop when you select the steady burn option. At this point, you are ready to connect the wires and finish your installation. To do this, connect the red, yellow, and green wires of all lights. Then connect all black wires together, and all blue wires together.

How to Alternate 6-6 Hideaway LED Lights

Alternating 6-6 hideaway LED lights is extremely easy. To do this, you follow the instructions for basic wiring. When you get to the blue wire, you want to touch the blue wire to the black wire terminal for 3 seconds. When all of the light’s LEDs are activated, you have made one light a master and the other a slave, which will allow them to alternate when activated.

Click to view the Ant 6-6 LED Hideaway Strobe

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