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Chameleon 4 TIR Dual Color LED Traffic Advisor Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

For the best effectiveness, we recommend you have The Chameleon 4 LED traffic advisor installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. EVTs are certified to maintain, install, and repair emergency vehicles and equipment. It’s important to remember that improper installation of this light can result in damage to your emergency vehicle, light, or cause serious injury.

Tips to Wire the Chameleon 4

  • Use grommets, looms, or cable ties to anchor and protect wires
  • Wire splices can increase voltage drops
  • Wires near vehicle hot spots can reduce carrying capacity of wires, fuses, and circuit breakers
  • Red wire connects to positive terminal on pre-existing switchbox
  • Black wire connects to ground
  • When installed, the cable should exit the emergency light on the driver’s side of the vehicle
  • Check to make sure there are no obstructions that hinder the effectiveness of the light

Chameleon 4 Mounting Tips

Chameleon Suction Cup Installation

  • Install suction cup brackets
  • Install suction cups
  • Mount light on interior of vehicle

Click to view the Chameleon 4 LED Traffic Advisor

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