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Chameleon 6 Mount and Wiring Guide

The Chameleon 6 Traffic Advisor is designed for easy installation.  For best installation and mount, we encourage you to have the unit installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. Improper installation or use of this light can void your manufacturer’s warranty, cause damage to the unit or your vehicle, and can result in injury. Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics, if you have any issues installing or mounting the Chameleon 6 traffic advisor.

How to Mount the Chameleon 6 Directional Controller

  1. Carefully choose a location for the directional controller
  2. Choose a location that is always dry and out of sunlight (we recommend under the instrument panel)
  3. Keep the area free of dirt and dust (to avoid interfering with the light)

Chameleon 6 Wiring Tips

  • Check that Chameleon 6 wires won’t interfere with airbag deployment or obstructions
  • Use grommets, cable ties, and looms to keep wires protected and anchored properly
  • Avoid wire splices whenever possible (can increase the risk of voltage drops)
  • Cable should exit the emergency light on driver’s side of vehicle when installed

Wiring instructions

  1. Connect red wires to positive terminal on pre-existing switch
  2. Connect black wires to ground terminal

Mounting Instructions for Chameleon 6 Traffic Advisor

  • Install suction cup brackets on unit
  • Wet suction cups
  • Install suction cups
  • Mount light in interior of vehicle.

Click to view the Chameleon 6 Traffic Advisor

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