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Chameleon 8 Linear Dual Color LED Traffic Advisor Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

The effectiveness of this LED traffic advisor is also dependent on the proper installation and wiring of the device. Extreme Tactical Dynamics recommend the Chameleon be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. An EVT has a working knowledge of automotive electrical systems and emergency vehicle equipment, and will ensure the installation of the Chameleon does not reduce the output performance and helps to protect your light’s factory warranty.

Chameleon Wiring Tips

  • Route wires using sealants and grommets when passing through any compartment walls
  • Hot temperatures under the hood of a vehicle can reduce the current carrying capacity of wires, circuit breakers, and fuses
  • Minimize any wire splices to reduce voltage drops
  • Make sure wires are is protected from any moving parts or extremely hot surfaces
  • Use looms, grommets, and cable ties to anchor and protect wires
  • Circuit breakers are sensitive to high temps

Chameleon Basic Wiring Guide

  • Route red wire to positive terminal on switch
  • Route black wire to reliable ground source such as negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.

Chameleon Permanent Mounting Instructions

Before you install the Chameleon traffic advisor, you need to consider cable location and lamp replacement. Unless otherwise specified, the cable exit should appear on the driver side of the vehicle.

  • Install suction cup mounting brackets
  • Install suction cups
  • Mount on interior of emergency vehicle

Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you have any issues installing your Chameleon Traffic Advisor.

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