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E-24 SMD LED Grille and Surface Mount Light Wiring and Installation Guide

The E-24 grille and surface mount lights are bright, easy to use, and install quickly. To ensure proper installation and to protect your warranty, we recommend these LED surface mount lights only be installed by an emergency vehicle technician (EVT). EVTs are certified to service, repair, and install equipment on emergency vehicles. Only a properly installed emergency light will be covered by manufacturer warranty.

E-24 Surface and Grille Light Installation Instructions

Mark Mounting Holes
To prepare for installation, you need to mark the mounting holes before drilling. To do this, place the light against a selected surface. While holding the light against the surface, mark the areas where you will eventually drill. When installing this light on the surface of a vehicle, it’s vital to ensure you don’t damage any components of the vehicle.

Drill Holes
To install the E24s, you will need to drill two mounting holes, and a 0.5” millimeter hole to allow for wire passage. After drilling the holes, you need to thoroughly de-burr the holes to prevent wire damage after installation.

Pass Wires Through Small Hole
After you have drilled the holes, you are ready to pass the light’s wires through the hole. Once this is completed, you will need to secure the light to the surface of the vehicle with the mounting hardware provided with purchase. It’s important to only use the mounting hardware included with purchase.

E-24 Surface Mount Light Wiring Instructions

Powering the Unit
The first step in wiring the E24 surface and grille mount lights is to power the unit. To do this, locate the red and black wires. The red wire is the positive wire and must be wired to a switch of some sort. The black (ground) wire should be wired to the negative of your battery terminal, or a chassis ground.

How to Cycle Through Flash Patterns

If you want to cycle through flash patterns, you will need to locate the blue wire. Once you have located the blue wire, tap it on the 12-volt ground source. Doing this will allow you to cycle through flash patterns.

Synchronizing More Than One E-24 Grille Light

The E-24 grille lights can easily be synced together. To do this, apply 12-volt positive power to the red wire, and apply 12-volt negative power to the black wire. This will power the unit on. Next, tap the blue wire, (flash pattern changer) to the activated black (ground wire). Do this until the steady burn pattern is chosen. While the light is on the steady burn pattern, connect red wires of both lights together. Then, connect the black wires of more than one E-24 light together. Last, connect both lights’ blue wires together.

How to Alternate E-24 Grille Lights

To alternate E-24 grille lights, you need to follow much of the same instructions for synchronization. However, before joining wires together, you must designate one light as the master and one as the slave. To do this, hold the blue wire to the ground for at least 3 seconds. You will have designated one light a master and the other a slave when all LEDs activate. After successful designation, you are ready to join wires together as mentioned in synchronization instructions.

E-24 Grille and Surface Mount Light Troubleshooting Tips

Following the tips above should allow you to install your E-24 grille and surface mount lights. If you have trouble installing your emergency vehicle lights, you should first repeat the installation tips mentioned above. Most grille and surface light installation issues can be traced back to wiring or battery connection issues. If you continue to have installation issues, contact our team for more guidance and advice.

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