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Extreme TIR LED Dash Light Wiring and Installation Guide

To make installation easy, we have provided easy to follow installation instructions for temporary or permanent installation. As with all of our emergency vehicle lights and accessories, we recommend this dash light be installed by an EVT. Choosing an EVT to install your lights and sirens will ensure the equipment works correctly, and will help to protect the warranty.

Dash Light Installation – What to Expect 

We understand you likely want your LED dash light installed as quickly as possible. To do this, we have included everything you need to begin installation as soon as you receive your new light. When you receive your new dash light from us, you will receive the light, mounting hardware, cigarette lighter plug, and manufacturer instructions. As soon as you receive the package, make sure to inspect the light and all of its components carefully. If there are any issues with your light or any of the package contents, please contact our customer service department right away.

Extreme Dash Light Cigarette Lighter Installation Instructions

Time to Complete: Less than 5 minutes

  1. Plug cigarette lighter plug into vehicle’s adapter
  2. Install mounting bracket onto the back of the unit. (hardware is included)
  3. Place suction cups on appropriate brackets (suction cups are included)
  4. Place light in interior position (dash light should only be used in interior of vehicle)
  5. Tidy up (organize cords and make sure the light and gear doesn’t obstruct your view)

Troubleshooting: Sometimes the suction may not stick due to being slightly malformed. You can often fix this, by dropping the suction cup into boiling water for approx. 5 seconds.  USE TONGS TO REMOVE. DO NOT TOUCH AFTER WITHDRAWING AS RUBBER WILL BE HOT!! Allow the suction cup to cool, then reattach to your bracket, and try installation again.

Extreme Dash Light Switch Box Installation Instructions

Time to Complete: About 20 minutes

To complete this type of installation, you will need a pre-existing switch box or siren box to complete the installation process.

  1. Take cigarette lighter plug off of cord
  2. Expose red and black wires
  3. Ground black wire to negative terminal (can be done on battery or a chassis ground)
  4. Install red wire on existing switch box
  5. Follow steps 2 to 5 above

We’re here to help after the sale! If you have any trouble operating the Extreme dash light after completing either set of instructions mentioned above, simply repeat the steps. Most of the time this alleviates any issues. However, if you are still having issues completing the installation, contact our customer service team for more help.

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