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Fox Trot 8 TIR LED Dash Light Wiring And Mounting Instructions

The Fox Trot 8 Dash Light can be installed with or without a cigarette lighter plug. The emergency light also has an adjustable flashback guard. Detailed instructions for both types of installation as well as how to adjust the flashback guard are included here. The Fox Trot Model A dash light is made for interior use only and can be used on either the front dash, or rear deck of your vehicle.

Test Fox Trot Dash Light Before Installation

No matter how you install the Fox Trot 8 dash light, it is important to test the light before proceeding with installation. The easiest way to do this is to power it via the cigarette lighter plug. Make sure to turn the unit on/off, and make sure all lights and modules are working properly. When you are satisfied that the light is in good working order, you are ready to complete installation.

Instructions for Installing the Fox Trot 8 Dash Light with a Cigarette Lighter Plug:

  1. Insert cigarette lighter plug into vehicle’s car adapter
  2. Locate on/off switch on cigarette lighter plug adapter
  3. Activate light
  4. Install suction cup brackets
  5. Place on interior windshield

Instructions to Hardwire Fox Trot Dash Light to a Pre-Existing Switch

  1. Remove cigarette lighter plug from cord
  2. Locate power cables (1 red, 1 black)
  3. Run black cable to the vehicle’s negative battery terminal a chassis ground
  4. Wire red cable to switch
  5. Install suction cups
  6. Install dash light on interior window

Fox Trot Installation Troubleshooting Guide

If you have any problems installing your Fox Trot 8 dash light after following the steps above, you should repeat the steps from top to bottom. If repeating the installation steps does not fix your problem, please contact our customer service team for more information.

Fox Trot Dimensions and Controls

How to Adjust the Fox Trot Dash Light Adjustable Flashback Guard

The flashback guard of the Fox Trot dash light is adjustable for custom installation, and can be removed completely, if desired. To adjust the flashback guard, locate the flashback guard and install in a direction that works for your set-up. If you choose not to install the flashback guard, it is vital that you ensure the glare from the lights will not blind or distract you when in use.

Fox Trot Dash Light Warranty

Per our warranty, our emergency lights must be installed properly to be covered by the warranty. We recommend the Fox Trot dash light and all of our other lights and accessories be installed by an EVT to ensure proper installation and continuation of the product warranty.

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