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Full-Size Light Bar with Linear 1 Optics Installation and Basic Wiring Instruction Guide


We highly recommend the full-size light bar with linear 1 optics be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. This LED light bar requires a good working knowledge of automotive electrical systems, and will not operate properly if it is not installed correctly. The light’s integrity, your safety, ability to move traffic when you need too, and your manufacturer’s warranty all require proper installation. Extreme Tactical Dynamics is not responsible for any malfunction or injury that occurs due to improper emergency vehicle light installation.


  • Ensure light bar is facing the right direction before installation is complete
  • All mounting feet must be in contact with the vehicle’s roof
  • There must be at least a ½” clearance between the light bar and the vehicle’s rooftop at the closet point
  • Reduce the risk of headliner damage caused by drilling by lowering the headliner 5 to 7-inches before drilling
  • Some vehicles are created with a roof support that spans between the driver and passenger sides. Do not drill through this support. Instead, adjust the location of the light bar until it is not necessary to drill through the support.
  • Read the entirety of these instructions before beginning installation or wiring process
  • Vehicles with side curtain or b-pillar airbags may need alternate instructions

Full-Size Light Bar Strap Mounting Instructions

Step 1: Locate Mounting Foot, Locking Plate, and Anchor Plate
All items are included with your purchase. Install locking plate onto mounting foot. When positioned properly, the plate will be centered side to side on the mounting foot.

Step 2: Flip Emergency Light Upside Down
When you flip the light bar upside down, you will expose the bottom of the extrusion. Place the mounting foot securely onto the extrusion.

Step 3: Rotate Mounting Foot
Here it is necessary to rotate the mounting foot 90-degrees counter clockwise. It’s important to ensure the edges of the mounting foot swing into position under the extrusion mounting lip. Then install an anchor plate onto the extrusion exactly the same way. Repeat the process on both ends of the light bar and then return light bar to its upright position.

Step 4: Position Light Bar on Roof of Vehicle
Mount the light bar in the proper location on a vehicle. The most common location for light bar placement is directly above the vehicles b-pillars because it is the strongest part of the roof.

Step 5: Adjust Mounting Feet
It’s necessary to adjust the mounting feet to ensure they are as close to the edge of the roof as possible. When mounting feet are in the proper location, you will be ready to tighten the locking plate allen head screws.

Step 6: Remove Vehicle Weatherstripping
Open the driver and passenger side doors. Find the location below the mounting foot and remove weatherstripping.

Step 7: Insert Mounting Strap
Insert the mounting strap through the mounting foot.

General Wiring Guide & Instructions

Step 1: Drill Cable Access Hole
Use a 1” hole saw to drill a cable access hole and then de-burr the edges. Use a 1” grommet to allow for safe wire passage.

Step 2: Insert Cables
Insert cables through access hole into the vehicle. Weatherproof the hole after all cables are pulled through.

Step 3: Extend Control Cables to Switch Box
Extend the light bar control cables to a pre-existing switch box.

Step 4: Open Wiring Shield Lid
After opening wiring shield lid, you need to route the power cable into the wiring shield. Make sure you do this towards the firewall. It’s important to ensure you don’t pinch or crush any wires when completing this process.

Step 5: Follow Factory Wiring Harness Instructions
Next, you need to follow the factory wiring harness instructions. At this point, you may have to drill a hole through your vehicle’s firewall. If you have to do this, make sure you check for obstructions to avoid damaging anything while drilling. If you do drill, insert a grommet in the hole to protect any cables that pass through.

Contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any questions about the Full-Size LED Light Bar with Linear 1 Optics.

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