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General Install Guide for Hideaways and Strobe Tube Kits

strobe-tube-kit-1Strobe light kits and hideaway strobes are most often installed in existing taillights and headlights and are a great way for cars and trucks to attract attention on the road. Below we have gone through the installation guidelines and materials required to install a strobe tube kit or hideaway. Use this guide to get started and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to fine tune the installation.

Disconnect the Battery

It is necessary to disconnect the battery before you begin installing a light kit.

Use a Pencil to Mark Mounting Locations

After you have disconnected the battery, you are ready to start the installation process. First use a pencil to mark the spots where you are going to mount the strobe lights. Next, you are ready to drill holes to mount the lights. It is important to make sure the spots you have marked with a pencil are in the right location before you begin drilling. For instance, you want to ensure the spot you have chosen isn’t near any moving parts. It also should not be in an area that will get extremely hot, and not in an area that is likely to be damaged easily. If you are unsure of the location you have chosen, it is vital to consult a professional before drilling holes.

Thread Screws through Holes

Next, using the screws that came with your kit, thread the screws through the lights. Once you have put screws in all of the lights, use a screwdriver to mount in the holes you just drilled.

Connect Truck Strobe Light Kit to Cable

After the strobe lights are in place, you are ready to connect the wires. Once all the wires are connected, you are prepared to connect the wires to a switch box. Take your time when completing this step. If the lights aren’t wired to the control box correctly, they will not work properly.

Connect the Positive Terminal

Once all the cables are connected, and the lights are mounted in place, you are ready to connect the positive wire of the cable to an in-line fuse. To do this, connect the fuse to your battery’s positive terminal. Next, connect the negative and ground wires to the truck battery.

Reconnect the Truck Battery

You are almost done! Now, all you have to do is reconnect the battery. After you have reconnected the battery, you should be able to turn your strobe lights on quickly using the switch box. If the strobe lights do not activate correctly, it is important to go through the entire process from beginning to end to find your error. If you are unable to find your mistake, you should call a mechanic or installation expert to help you install the lights correctly.

When you choose to install a strobe kit you are ensuring your vehicle will be able to garner attention anywhere it goes. However, it is essential to remember that strobe lights aren’t designed just to make cars or trucks look cool on the road. Instead, this type of light is used as a warning light for emergency vehicles. It is vital that everyone understand this because the use of improper lighting could get drivers in trouble with law enforcement.

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