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Halo 3 TIR LED Grille and Surface Mount Light Wiring and Installation Guide

The Halo 3 LED surface mount lights are perfect for interior or exterior installation. Whether you install on the exterior or interior of a vehicle, the instructions for installation or wiring are the same. Proper installation of this light requires a good understanding of a vehicle’s electrical system. For this reason, we recommend the Halo 3s be installed by an EVT.

Halo 3 LED Surface Mount Light Installation Instructions

  1. Mark mounting holes.
  2. Check the area for obstructions before proceeding with step 3.
  3. Drill mounting holes
  4. Drill centered hole for wire passage
  5. De-burr holes
  6. Attach Halo 3 with included mounting hardware

Halo 3 Wiring Instructions

The first step to wiring the Halo 3s is to power the unit. Powering the unit is done with the red and black wires. The red wire (+) connects to a switch source. The black wire (-) connects to a negative battery terminal or a chassis ground. After connecting the red and black wire, the unit can be powered on. Instructions for synchronization, alternating, and changing flash patterns are mentioned below.

Flash Pattern Changes

To change flash patterns on the Halo 3, you will use the unit’s blue wire. To cycle through flash patterns, tap the blue wire to the negative ground source. As you tap the wire, the unit will flash through its 19 flash patterns.


To synchronize the light, follow all of the instructions mentioned above. When you reach the light’s steady burn flash pattern stop. Connect red wires of all lights being synchronized together. Connect black wires, and then connect the unit’s blue wires.

Alternating Halo 3s

If you would like to alternate the Halo 3 lights, you can. To do this, you will follow the instructions for synchronization, expect you will need to add one step before connecting the wires. When you reach the steady burn flash pattern, hold the blue wire to the ground wire for a few seconds. Doing this designates one Halo 3 a master and the other a slave. You will know that you successfully designated one light a slave and the other a master when all LEDs light up on the unit. After designation is complete, you are ready to connect wires. Connect red wires first, followed by black wires, and lastly blue wires.

Halo 3 Troubleshooting Advice

Most wiring or installation issues can be fixed by repeating the wiring or installation tips. Almost all wiring issues are related to the light’s battery or switch source. By repeating steps and double checking your wire connections, you can eliminate most issues immediately. If you need advice from Extreme Tactical Dynamics about our Halo 3, please feel free to contact us.

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