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Ranger Dual Linear LED Dash Light Wiring and Installation Guide

We recommend the Ranger Dual Linear LED Dash Light to be installed by an EVT.

Below, we have gathered simple tips to make installing the Ranger Dual Linear LED Dash Light with or without a cigarette lighter plug easy. The Ranger Dual series is designed to only be installed on the interior of a vehicle, and you should test the light to make sure it is operating properly before beginning the installation process.

Ranger Dual Linear LED Dash Light Cigarette Lighter Plug Installation

  1. Plug cigarette lighter adapter into vehicle
  2. Turn light on via on/off switch
  3. Insert suction cups into mounting bracket
  4. Install emergency light in desired position.

Ranger Dual Linear LED Dash Light Hardwired Installation

  1. Remove light’s cigarette lighter plug for permanent installation
  2. Identify two power cables inside cord
  3. The black cable is the ground cable, and the red cable is the hot cable
  4. Run black cable to your vehicle’s negative terminal or a chassis ground
  5. Run red wire to vehicle’s switch box
  6. Follow step 4 above

 Dash Light Installation Troubleshooting Tips

We believe this LED dash light is extremely easy to use and install. If you have any issues installing the light in your vehicle, simply repeat the installation steps mentioned above. If repeating installation tips doesn’t alleviate your problem, you may need to contact us for further assistance. Below are several tips to help you troubleshoot common dash light installation issues.

  • Wet suction cups before installing
  • Test emergency light including going through flash patterns before installing
  • Choose a location that won’t obstruct your view
  • Organize wires and cords

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