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Hideaway 8 LED Strobe Light Wiring and Installation Guide

Our LED hideaway 8 lights can be synchronized, flash alternately, or flash simultaneously. We recommend you have these lights installed by an EVT (emergency vehicle technician). Below, you will find instructions on how to install and wire these LED lights. If you have any questions prior to or after installation, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

When installing your LED hideaway 8s, you need to be aware of the following information.

  • Don’t cut the wires between the in-line flasher and light head
  • Lights should only be used on approved vehicles
  • Do not install or route near any airbag deployment areas (refer to owner’s manual for specifics)

Hideaway 8 Installation Instructions

Installing your hideaway 8 lights is easy and can be done in just a few steps. Before beginning installation of hideaways, it is necessary to consult your vehicle’s manufacturer instructions for assistance with removing the reflector assembly.

  1. Remove reflector assembly
  2. Find a location for each hideaway you are installing. Use the following parameters to choose the right hideaway light location.
    • 1” clearance
    • Doesn’t interfere with normal lamp operation
    • Surface is flat
    • As close to the focal point as possible
  3. Use a hole saw to drill a 1” hole in reflector housing
  4. Place light in hole, mark mounting locations
  5. Remove light
  6. Drill holes
  7. Install LED hideaway 8 using gaskets and screws provided
  8. Complete wire connections and test light
  9. Reinstall reflector assembly

Hideaway LED 8 Wiring Instructions

The hideaway LED 8s are extremely easy to wire and can be synced with other units. To power the hideaway 8s connect the red (+) wire to the positive terminal on a switch box. The black wire (-) needs to be grounded to the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.

LED Hideaway 8 Installation Tips

  • The best way to troubleshoot an installation or wiring issue is to repeat the steps mentioned below
  • Most wiring issues can be traced back to wire connections

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