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LED Hideaway 9 Installation and Wiring Instructions

We recommend these emergency lights are installed by an EVT. EVTs are certified to install, repair, or maintain emergency vehicle equipment. Below, you will find instructions on how to install or repair these lights.

Important Installation and Wiring Information for LED Hideaway 9

  • Do not cut the wire between the in-line flasher and lighthead
  • Hideaways should only be used on approved vehicles
  • Don’t install or route wires near airbag deployment areas
  • Consult vehicle manufacturer’s wiring diagram before proceeding with install or wiring to prevent damage

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove taillight or headlight reflector assembly (follow vehicle manufacturer’s instructions)
  2. Choose a flat hideaway location with a 1” clearance that won’t interfere with lamp operation The hideaway location you choose should be as close to the focal point as possible.
  3. Drill a 1” hole in reflector housing with a hole saw
  4. De-burr hole
  5. Place hideaway in drilled hole
  6. Mark mounting locations
  7. Install light using included hardware (only use approved hardware)
  8. Complete wiring (wiring instructions below)
  9. Re-install light’s reflector assembly

Wiring Hideaway 9 LED lights

Step 1: Power the hideaway 9 by connecting the red wire to the positive terminal of a switching source, and the black wire to the ground source such as the negative battery terminal or chassis ground.

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