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Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light Wiring and Installation Guide

Before installing your Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light, it is necessary to test the light for proper function. Per Extreme Tactical Dynamics limited warranty, this light must be installed correctly to be covered and we suggest all installations be done by a licensed EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician).

Instructions for Installing  with a Cigarette Lighter Plug

  1. Locate cigarette lighter plug.
  2. Insert cigarette lighter plug into vehicle plug adapter.
  3. Power unit on using light’s on/off switch.
  4. Add suction cup bracket, place in interior window.
  5. Organize wires.

Instructions for Hard wiring the Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light

  1. Remove the light’s cigarette lighter plug.
  2. After removing the cigarette lighter plug, there will be two power cables exposed
  3. Locate the red (hot) wire, and the black (ground) wire.
  4. Take the ground cable (black) to the negative terminal on your battery or a chassis ground
  5. Attach the red wire to the power source at the switch box.
  6. Follow Steps 3-5 of the previous install instructions.

Only use the suction cups and hardware that come with this LED emergency light. (The use of the wrong screws with the suction cups can puncture the unit)

Click to view the Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light

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