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Ranger Quad TIR LED Dash and Deck Light Wiring and Installation Guide

The LED Quad from Extreme Tactical Dynamics is created with high-intensity LED lights and is designed for interior use in emergency vehicles and POVs. Improper use, wiring, or installation of this LED emergency light can result in damage to the vehicle, light, or injury to self.

LED Quad Mounting Instructions

  • Unbox items
  • Locate mounting brackets
  • Install mounting brackets in vehicle
  • Install light in mounting brackets
  • Run wires to 12-volt adapter for plug and play action or hardwire light to pre-existing switch

LED Quad Wiring Instructions

The LED Quad can be wired to a pre-existing switch or can be used via the cigarette lighter plug. The instructions below are to guide you in wiring the light to a switch.

  • Remove cigarette lighter plug
  • Locate light’s red and black wires
  • Extend the red wire to a pre-existing switch
  • Attach black wire to a ground such as the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.

Flash Pattern Wire

If you are using the included switch or a switch box, simply toggle the pattern change switch to cycle through the flash patterns.

When installing without a switch, the yellow wire is the flash pattern wire. To cycle through the deck light’s flash patterns, momentarily tap the yellow wire to the power wire.

Troubleshooting the LED Quad Mount or Installation

Following the instructions above should allow you to install the LED Quad quickly and easily. If you have any questions about this unit, contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics right away.

Click to view the LED Quad Dash and Deck Light

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