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PAR36 SMD 5MM LED Fog and Grille Light Wiring and Installation Guide

Failure to install this light properly could result in damage to your light or vehicle and could void your light’s warranty. For this reason, we recommend our lights, sirens, and accessories be installed by an EVT. EVTs are certified experts in emergency vehicles and equipment, which allows them to install your set-up efficiently.

Tips for a Safe Installation

In order to install your LED emergency lights safely, you need to read and understand the instructions below. If you have any questions about the installation process, you should consult a professional before proceeding. It’s also important to keep the following safety tips in mind.

  • Make sure areas where you will drill are clear from obstructions on all sides
  • Do not mount near areas that could be impacted by airbag deployment
  • Install switch box or controls in an area that is convenient to reach from driver’s seat

Quick Install Guide

When you receive the PAR36 SMD 5MM LED Fog and Grille Light, you will receive a mounting gasket, bezel, foam compression gasket, and light. To install the light, place the mounting gasket on the surface of the vehicle. Next add the bezel, foam compression gasket, and light in that order.

The light comes with red, black, green, and white wires. The red wire must be wired to the positive terminal on a switching source. The black wire (ground wire) must be wired to the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground. The white wire is the synchronization wire. (See synchronization instructions below) If you are not going to synchronize your surface mount lights, you can cut this wire short. The green wire allows you to change patterns. To change patterns, touch the green wire to the negative battery terminal.

Par 36 5mm Synchronization Instructions

The PAR36 SMD 5MM LED Fog and Grille Light can be synced with several other lights. The white wires on each light are the synchronization wires. It is important not to connect any white wires until all lights have been programmed. To synchronize a group of lights, follow the instructions below.

  1. Power the first light, touch and release the green wire to the negative battery terminal to change patterns.
  2. Repeat step 1 for all Par 36 5mm lights being synchronized
  3. After programming all lights, tie off all green wires and connect all white wires
  4. Test

PAR36 SMD 5MM LED Fog and Grille Light Troubleshooting Tips

If you have trouble installing or operating your Par 36 5mm surface and grille light, it’s important to repeat the steps. The majority of troubleshooting issues associated with this light are traced back to the wiring or battery connections. If you repeat the steps and are still having issues with your Par 36 5mm light, please contact our office for more guidance.

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