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PAR36 Linear LED Fog and Grille and Light Wiring and Installation Guide

The Par 36 3-watt grille and surface mount light should be installed by an EVT. EVTs are certified by the Emergency Vehicle Technician Commission, and have a good understanding of emergency vehicle lights, and will ensure your lights are installed correctly. Improper installation of this light is a safety risk and can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Par 36 3-Watt Quick Installation Tips

When you receive the light, you will receive a mounting gasket, foam compression gasket, and bezel. Before mounting the light on the surface of a vehicle, you need to make sure you will not obstruct anything on either side of the vehicle. Once you are sure the area is clear, you will place the mounting gasket on the vehicle’s surface. Add the bezel, foam compression gasket, and Par 36 in that order for proper installation.

Par 36 3-watt Quick Wiring Tips

The Par 36 3-watt light will have white, green, black, and red wires. The red wire (+) must be hardwired to a pre-existing switch. The black wire (-) goes to the negative battery terminal or chassis ground. The light’s green wire is the pattern flash changing wire, and the white wire is for synchronization. This grille and surface mount light can be synchronized with other units. If you are not going to synchronize lights, you can cut the white wire short. Instructions for synchronization are listed below.

How to Synchronize Par 36 3-Watt Grille and Surface Mount Lights

You can’t synchronize your Par 36 3-watt lights until all of the lights are programmed successfully. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Touch and release green wire to negative wire on first unit to change pattern
  • Repeat for all lights being synchronized
  • Tie off green wires
  • Connect white wires

Par 36 1-Watt Troubleshooting Tips

The majority of installation and wiring issues with the Par 36 3-watt light can be attributed to issues with connections to the battery or switch box. If you run into problems with your installation, it is important to keep this in mind. The best way to troubleshoot installation issues is to repeat the steps mentioned above. You can also contact our customer service team for help with troubleshooting issues.

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