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100 Watt PHASER Police and Emergency Vehicle Siren Wiring and Installation Guide

The information below has been created to help you install Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ Phaser siren properly and safely. Proper installation of the Phaser siren requires a working understanding of emergency vehicle operation and vehicle electronics. For this reason, we encourage you to have this unit installed by an emergency vehicle technician.

Phaser Siren Installation Important Information

  • Phaser siren is not waterproof
  • Install in an area that is ventilated
  • Improper wiring or confusion between the + and – wires could damage the unit
  • Phaser siren remote must be used with this unit
  • Created with a power source cathode ground connection, which means it does not have to be installed directly to a positive ground chassis

Hearing Protection Warning

Proper hearing protection  is recommended when  you are working  with or near loud siren tones. OSHA has outlined proper hearing protection safety tips in their Occupational Noise Exposure Section 1910.95.

Airbag Deployment Warning

Do not install any component of the siren in an airbag deployment area. Doing so could result in damage to the unit, serious injury, or allowance of the siren to become a projectile. Always double check your vehicle’s manufacturer manual before installing sirens or lights.

Basic Wiring Instructions for Phaser Siren

  • Step 1: Connect red (+) wire to battery positive post and (+) post on the siren’s amplifier. Use a 25-amp fuse.
  • Step 2: Connect black (-) wire to battery negative post or a chassis ground and (-) post on siren amplifier. Use a 12-gauge wire.
  • Step 3: Connect siren speaker wires to pins 3 and 4.
  • Step 4: Insert RJ-45 cable into the slot marked “Remote Control”


Wail Siren Accessories Connection

  • Step 1: Connect any siren accessories to ground post
  • Step 2: Attach siren accessory wires to Output 1 or 2 (you must fuse sirens appropriately)

Tips for Proper Phaser Siren Remote Control Installation

  • Choose a location that allows the driver to reach it easily (under any driving conditions)
  • Inspect location for any obstructions or equipment that could be damaged before drilling
  • De-burr all holes
  • Remove any metal shards or debris before installation

Contact us if you have any issues installing or operating your Phaser police siren. It is also important to keep these installation instructions in a cool, dry, safe place for reference during re-installation or maintenance.

 Click to view the PHASER 100 Watt Siren

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