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100 Watt Remote Police and Emergency Vehicle Siren Wiring and Installation Guide

The remote police siren is designed for use with a 100-watt siren speaker.

Remote Police Siren Unboxing

When you receive the remote police siren from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you will receive:

  • Siren
  • Speaker
  • Standby fuse
  • Operation instruction
  • Connecting wire

As soon as you receive the police siren, it is important to inspect it carefully. If there is any damage to the siren, it is important to contact the carrier immediately. Everything featured in the photo of the remote police siren is included with purchase.

General Installation Instructions

It is essential the remote police siren is installed properly. The person installing this unit must have an understanding of automotive electrical systems and emergency vehicles. For this reason, we recommend the remote police siren be installed by an EVT. Failure to follow the installation instructions below can result in serious damage to the siren and could void the manufacturer warranty.

Remote Police Siren Mounting Instructions

To mount the remote police siren, follow the instructions below.

  • Siren is not waterproof
  • Choose a mounting location that is close to the operator and free of any obstructions
  • Make sure to consider wiring requirements when choosing a mounting location
  • Consult vehicle manufacturer’s wiring diagram if necessary
  • Choose a location that guarantees proper air circulation

Remote Police Siren Wiring Instructions

When wiring the remote police siren, it is important to consider the following information:

  • Make sure all connections are tight
  • Siren installation wire cannot be reversed
  • Only use high quality connectors
  • Route wires in a manner that prevents overheating, wear, or airbag deployment
  • Use grommets and sealants when passing through compartments or walls

If you experience any trouble operating your siren, double check all wiring. The majority of siren installation issues are due to improper wiring. You can also contact our customer service team with any issues regarding your remote police siren installation.


  • Always wear proper ear protection when working near siren tones
  • Do not install siren in the path of airbag deployment

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