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Strobe Light Kit Wiring and Installation Guide

Since the integrity of this light system depends on proper installation and wiring, we recommend you have it installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper installation.

960 Strobe Tube Kit

When you order the 960 strobe kit, you will receive 4 tubes, 4 wiring harnesses, and a 6-outlet, 90-watt power pack. There is additional room in the power outlet for 2 additional light heads and harnesses. The unit also comes with 12 feet of wire for each tube.

Installation Instructions and Tips

  • The unit is designed for plug and play action
  • Install the power supply in a safe location that is easy to reach under any driving conditions
  • Do not route wires near engine hot spots
  • Male terminals need to face power supply
  • Female terminals should be near terminals
  • Strobe Tube Kit Installation Instructions
  • Insert terminals in Tyco connectors
  • Connect cable to each light head
  • Locate output sockets in power supply
  • Connect cables to output sockets

Powering the Strobe Tube Kit

  • Plug three-pin harness in
  • Ground unit
  • Extend red wire to pre-existing switch box

Controlling Strobe Tube Kit

  • Plug three-pin harness into the light’s control input socket
  • Connect all wires to positive connection

Strobe Kit Flash Patterns

  • Provide positive power to yellow, blue, and green wires
  • Tap the violet wire to the black wire
  • Cycle through flash patterns

Failure to follow installation or wiring instructions could result in light failure, damage to the unit, or even serious injury. Make sure to consult vehicle manufacturer diagrams before beginning wiring or installation work.

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