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Undercover 6 Emergency Vehicle Light Installation

The Undercover 6s are professional-grade LED emergency lights and should be installed by a certified EVT. The integrity of your set-up, as well as your safety, and factory warranty depend on the proper installation and usage of these lights.

Undercover 6 Surface Mount Installation Guide

  • Step 1: Mark mounting holes before drilling
  • Step 2: Check for obstructions before drilling (consult vehicle manufacturer’s diagram)
  • Step 3: Drill mounting holes
  • Step 4: Drill centered 0.5” hole for wire passage
  • Step 5: De-burr all holes
  • Step 6: Insert wires through hole
  • Step 7: Secure light with hardware (included with purchase)
  • Step 8: Move on to wiring instructions

Undercover 6 Basic Wiring Guide

Below, we will go over how to power the unit, cycle through flash patterns, alternate lights, and synchronize lights. Before beginning installation, it is important to point out that the majority of troubleshooting issues are eventually traced back to wiring or battery connections. To avoid problems after wiring, it is important to follow wiring instructions carefully, and to make sure all wiring connections are tight when they are made.

Powering Undercover 6 Lights

To power these surface mount LEDs, you will need to locate both the red and black wires. The red wire must be wired to a switch and the black wire is the ground wire. Connect the black wires to the negative battery post or a chassis ground and power the unit on.

Cycling through Undercover 6 Flash Patterns

To cycle through Undercover 6 flash patterns, you will need to use the light’s yellow wire. Locate the yellow wire and tap it against the power (red) wire, for 1 second. Doing so correctly will allow you to cycle through the light’s 19 flash patterns. Holding the yellow wire to the power (red) wire for 6 seconds, will set the light back to default pattern number 1.

Undercover 6 Synchronization

After you have connected the flash pattern change wire, you can synchronize more than one Undercover 6 light together. To do this, cycle through the flash patterns and stop when you get to the steady burn flash pattern. As soon as you have chosen the steady burn flash pattern, you can connect the red wires of the synchronized lights together. Next, connect all black wires, the white wires, and lastly all yellow wires of the units together.

Undercover 6 Alternating Lights

It is also possible to alternate the Undercover 6 lights. To do this, you follow the instructions for synchronization, but must add an additional step before connecting the wires. Before connecting wires and after choosing the steady burn flash pattern, you need to designate one light a master and the other a slave. For proper designation, you need to hold the yellow wire to the red wire for six seconds. When all LEDs light up, you have done this successfully, and now it is time to connect the wires together. To do this, connect the red wires, black wires, yellow wires, and white wires.

Feel free to contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any installation or troubleshooting guides.

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