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Undercover 8 TIR LED Grille and Surface Mount Lights Wiring and Installation Guide

The Undercover 8 surface mount lights are designed for use on the exterior or interior of a vehicle. Your safety, warranty, and the integrity of your light set-up depends on proper installation of this equipment. For this reason, we recommend the Undercover 8s be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician.

Undercover 8 Surface Mount Installation Instructions

1: Mark Mounting Holes

It is important to mark the mounting holes for your Undercover lights before you drill them. Hold the light against the surface of the vehicle and mark the holes. After you mark the holes, make sure the area you have chosen won’t interfere or obstruct anything behind or near it.

2: Drill Mounting Holes

Use the proper drill bit to drill mounting holes. You will want to drill the holes exactly where you marked them. After drilling the mounting holes, drill a centered 0.5” hole for the unit’s wires to pass through. Before moving to step 3, de-burr the holes thoroughly.

3: Insert Wires through Hole

Before adding the mounting hardware, you have to pass the wires through the centered hole you just drilled. Once the wires are passed through, you can place the light against the surface of the vehicle and install the mounting hardware included with purchase.

How to Wire Undercover 8 Surface Mount LEDs

To begin wiring the Undercover 8 surface mount LEDs, you need to power them. Power the lights by connecting the red wire to a switch and connecting the black wire to a negative battery terminal or chassis ground. If you have any issues with wiring the lights, it’s important to remember that most issues are eventually traced back to battery or wire connections.

Undercover 8 Flash Pattern Choices

The Undercover 8s are pre-programmed with 19 flash patterns. To cycle through these flash patterns, you need to tap the unit’s yellow wire to the red power wire. (You cannot cycle through flash patterns until the light is powered on)

Undercover 8 Lights can be Synchronized Together

If you would like, you can synchronize Undercover 8 lights together. To do this, wire the white sync wire together for all the lights. In order to alternate your lights, supply power to the white wire.

Contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you have any issues installing or wiring the Undercover 8 lights.

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