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100 Watt YELP Police and Emergency Vehicle Siren Wiring and Installation Guide

Proper installation of this device requires a good, working understanding of vehicle electronics, systems, and procedures. Extreme Tactical Dynamics highly recommends the Yelp siren be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician.

Airbag Deployment Warning

It is important that you do not mount the siren in an area that could be effected by airbag deployment. Doing so could reduce the effectiveness of the airbag or allow the siren to become a projectile within the vehicle. To avoid interfering with your vehicle’s airbag deployment, make sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual for airbag deployment areas before beginning the installation.

Location of the Remote

If using a remote device to control or activate the device, it is important to make sure the control is placed in an area that allows the driver to operate it under any driving conditions. If you must drill holes to mount the remote, you must make sure there are no obstructions or vital working parts that could be damaged by drilling. To do this, you need to check all sides of a mounting surface before you begin to drill. It is also vital to de-burr and remove any remnants or metal shards before continuing the installation process to prevent fraying or cutting of wires after installation.

Yelp Siren Controller Wiring Instructions

Step 1: Extend red (+) wire to positive post on vehicle’s battery to (+) post on back of amplifier. Use a 25 amp fuse.

Step 2: Extend black (-) wire from negative post on vehicle’s battery or chassis ground, to (-) post on back of amplifier using a 12 gauge wire.

Step 3: Connect wires from pins 3 and 4 to siren speaker wires

Step 4: Insert RJ-45 cable to slot marked “Remote Control”


Instructions for Connecting Accessories to the Yelp Siren

Step 1: Connect accessories ground wire to ground post

Step 2: Attach accessories positive wire to either Output 1 or 2 (You must fuse accessories appropriately)


The Yelp siren creates very loud siren tones. Exposure to siren tones without adequate or proper hearing protection could cause hearing loss or ear damage. To determine safe exposure times, please read OSHA’s Occupational Noise Exposure Section 1910.95.

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