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Strobe Lights for Utility and Tow Truck Use

amber-vehicle-tow-truckStrobe lights are used by police and first responders but are useful for utility and tow truck use too. Strobe kits are unique because they can be used in any vehicle. This gear emits flashes of light anywhere from 120 to 200 times a minute so it can be seen from long distances. Strobes are used by law enforcement and emergency vehicles to request the right of of the way. The same way strobes help first responders get noticed helps utility or tow truck driver get noticed too. Here, we will go over:

  • How strobes are helpful in emergency situations
  • The types of strobe lights available on the market
  • How easy strobe lighting is to use for utility and tow truck drivers

Strobe Lights for Emergency Situations

If a tow truck is fetching a vehicle or working in a dark area, a strobe light bar can provide drivers’ visibility. Clear output also helps prevent further damage or injury when a vehicle is being towed. This light type provides better visibility for utility trucks working near roadsides or in congested areas too. The small amount it takes to invest in a strobe light will make sure tow trucks and work trucks are visible in any weather.

Lights made with strobes offer more visibility and protection than road flares, traffic cones, or small alert lights. Because these lights are powered by a battery, they offer more alerting power than other traffic warnings. The more visibility a tow truck driver or utility worker can draw to their vehicle while working makes everyone in the community safer.

Types of Utility and Tow Truck Strobe Lights

Utility and tow truck LED strobe warning lights range from small battery-operated units to high-end strobe bars. Strobes are designed to be visible from the exterior or inside of a vehicle. The most popular lights made with strobes include:

The lights mentioned above are only the most popular strobe lights on the market. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can always inquire about placing a customized order.

Strobe Lights are Easy to Use

Strobe lights are a practical choice for tow truck and utility vehicle use because they are easy to use. Removable kits usually include a cigarette lighter plug. If an adapter is not included with purchase, the light will need to be hardwired to a pre-existing switch. Lights that are wired to a pre-existing switch are easy to use with just the push of a button. Units that are powered by a cigarette lighter plug usually have a power switch on the adapter itself.

Lights that are installed temporarily can be stored in the trunk until they are needed and replaced there when not in use. Most work trucks or wreckers enjoy having permanent emergency strobe lights mounted. With a permanent install, the light does not have to be installed and unmounted regularly. Whether you choose permanent or temporary installation, a strobe light is easy to install and use. Reliability of strobe lights depends on proper installation. We recommend all warning lights be installed by an emergency vehicle technician. Professional installation will ensure your set-up is in good working order. It also helps to protect any manufacturer warranty.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics specializes in strobe lights for tow truck drivers and utility work trucks. Browse our huge inventory today to get the lights that will get you noticed on the road.

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