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When shopping for utility lights, you have many options.  Any warning light used by emergency vehicles can also be put on work trucks in the right colors. The most popular utility lights for different industries includes:

  • Beacon lights
  • Surface mount lights
  • Directional lights
  • Flashers
  • Dash lights
  • Light bars


The type of utility lights that is right for your career will depend on industry standards. Tow trucks need surface mount lights, flashers, directional lights, and a full-size LED light bar. A construction vehicle that makes sudden stops and parks near roadways may only need a beacon light or flashers. Other work trucks such as municipal trucks or food trucks may have  different lighting needs.

Flashing warning beaconBeacon lights are popular work truck lights because they come with a magnet mount and come in yellow/amber.

With this emergency light, a driver can plug in the unit and put it on their roof, or place it on the dash of their vehicle to increase visibility.
Utility Vehicle Surface Mount Lights add a photo of surface mount lights

Grille and surface mount LEDs can be wired to a car or truck's electrical system, and can be placed anywhere. Unlike other types of warning lighting, surface mount LEDs can also be put on the exterior or interior of a car or truck.

Tow trucks and construction vehicles often have to move traffic around a scene. Directional lights are offered in amber/yellow colors and can be installed via plugs or wired.

Flashers are Easy to Use and Install on any Car or Truck

Flashers are easy to use and install on any car or truck. This makes them perfect for utility vehicles everywhere. Flashers are installed in existing gear and can flash at the same time or opposite.

Utility Truck Dash Lights

Dash lights are used in emergency vehicles, security vehicles, and utility trucks. Dash lighting is popular because it is easy to use and can be powered by a simple cigarette lighter plug. The design of this warning light also allows it to be hardwired as well. When utility truck drivers opt for a dash light, they can put the light in the interior windshield and use it via switches on the back of the light.

Light Bars for Work Trucks

Full-size light bars are almost always seen on first responder vehicles, but when created with amber/yellow colors, light bars can also used onwork trucks including tow trucks, security vehicles, utility company trucks, and even construction vehicles. Many online light retailers also offer mini LED dash lights. A mini dash light can create 360-degrees of light. But in a smaller, cheaper, version. Full-size LED light bars almost always need to be hard wired to a car or truck's electrical system. Mini light bars can be hard wired or powered through a cigarette lighter plug.

Orange amber traffic lightUtility Trucks Need LED Lights

Utility trucks are on the road when no one else wants to be. Tow trucks are  called out in the worst weather conditions. And, work trucks are often sent out in snowstorms and thunderstorms to fix service. This is why anyone that drives a utility truck should opt for LED lights. LED lights are tough, will last about ten years, and no maintenance once installed. Utility warning lights are also offered in Xenon, halogen, strobe, and incandescent versions. But no other type of utility lighting will offer the advantages  of LED warning lights.

Reasons to Choose LED Utility Lighting

When shopping for utility lighting, you will notice there is a huge difference in price between LED lights and halogens. While a halogen emergency light may seem like a good deal at first it might not be. It’s important to realize that a light made with this type of technology will not last a long time. LED lights also don’t emit heat like other lights, and don’t need much energy.

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