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Whether you’re a full-time emergency responder or just someone that does it as a volunteer, it’s important to get the right police lights installed on your vehicle so that everyone around you understands your intent and that they should make way for you should you be on call. It goes without saying that police lights are iconic no matter what state you’re in. The color combinations are important because they’ll let people know that you’re part of the police force, and the sirens that come with them will inform other drivers so they can make way for you.

However, buying the right police lights is easier said than done. There are just so many different types of police lights that you’ll be hard-pressed to find the perfect one without doing ample amounts of research. Thankfully, we’ve done it for you and we’re going to be laying it out in useful, concise chunks of information that are easy to digest.

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we offer the most comprehensive collection of emergency lights and police lights available on the internet. From LED dash and deck lights to mini light bars, we have everything that a working or volunteer police officer needs to help them get their job done fast. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the important things you need to know about buying police lights.

Learning the Rules of Your State

To start with, make sure you learn the laws and rules of your state and your surrounding states. For example, if you live in California (where we’re based) police typically use red for emergency lighting. The light needs to have at least one steady burning red light, but police can also use blue warning lights on their vehicles if needed. However, if you live in Alaska, the police can use red and white rotating lights.

It’s important that you learn the rules of your state so that you can purchase the correct lighting color combination. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we offer a wide range of lights and color combinations that are suitable for all the states in America. All of our lights have drop-down boxes on their product pages where you can select a different color setting. Take for example, the Ranger Double TIR LED Dash and Deck Light. This is one of our most popular dash and deck lights and it receives glowing reviews from satisfied customers. It is currently available in 12 different color combinations, so you’re guaranteed to find the right one for your state. Remember that if you do cross into another state, the lights you’re supposed to use might differ. In this case, you’ll want to keep an eye on the laws of each individual state and carry multiple lights with you.

This is when a portable, smaller and more affordable police light such as the Enforcer 4 TIR LED Dash Light comes in handy. While it only has 4 Generation IV 3-watt LEDs, it still comes in the same 12 color combinations. It has 26 unique flash patterns and a unique bracket design that allow it to easily be mounted. The best thing about this police light is how portable and versatile it is. Since it can be mounted onto your car with suction cups, it’s extremely easy to remove and install whenever you need it. The light connects via a cigarette lighter power plug and the cord is expandable, making it easy to put on your side windows or even rear windshield if desired. You can easily keep this model in your glove compartment and replace it when needed when you enter a different state.

When Durability Is a Concern

Sometimes, you don’t want something small and portable. Sometimes, you want something that is capable of handling some punishment, especially considering how many dangerous situations a police officer can be put in on a regular basis. Whether it’s harsh weather, car chases or even crashes, your vehicle lights need to withstand some serious punishment if they’re going to be useful in the long run. This is where something like a grille and surface mount LED light can come in handy. Unlike lights that are installed inside of your vehicle and stuck to the windows, these are mounted externally and thus need to be much more durable than the previous mentions.

For a value option, we can recommend our best-selling Elemental 3 TIR LED Grille and Surface Mount Light. It comes in 5 different colors, it’s extremely durable, waterproof sealed with an industrial grade epoxy that meets IP67 standards and is installed with a rubber gasket to create a tight fit on the mounting service. It comes with 12 unique flash patterns and can be hardwired to a siren system should you have on onboard. The Elemental 3 can be installed on various parts of your vehicle so the best effect. This police light presents a fantastic value proposition especially if you need several in your vehicle or if you’re ordering a large batch of police lights for your department. The Elemental 3 also comes in a variety of different sizes, meaning you can always find something to suit your vehicle or needs.

When Discretion Is Important

For something a little more discreet, we can recommend the Undercover 3 TIR LED Grille and Surface Mount Light. It functions the same as the Elemental 3 we previously mentioned and comes in a slightly different design. It isn’t as obvious when installed on your vehicle, meaning it’s far more discreet and hidden. This means it can easily be hidden on the grille or push bumper, or practically any surface of your vehicle. It’s a light that is favored by undercover agencies due to its small profile and comes with very bright LEDs that pack a punch when turned on. Although the cheapest model lacks a Generation IV 3-Watt LED compared to the Elemental series, the extra attention to detail on the design makes up for it and this is a fantastic value choice if you’re looking to draw less attention to your police vehicle. Much like the Elemental 3, you can get the Undercover 3 in a variety of different sizes.

Want something even smaller? At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we also offer LED hideaways and strobe light kits. These aren’t even discreet in comparison to the Undercover 3 series–they’re completely out of sight! Our best seller right now is the LED Hideaway 8 Strobe Light. As you can see, this LED light is tiny and can be placed virtually anywhere on your car for an ultra-discreet police light that is virtually undetectable. However, don’t let the small size fool you! This little beast packs 8 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs and comes with 19 unique flash patterns. They can be synchronized with other lights and they’re also 100% waterproof. For their small size, they’re incredibly bright and come in the usual 12 color combinations that you can expect from Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

When Visibility Is the Focus

If you want to make sure that your lights are seen, there’s no other option than a full-sized LED light bar. These typically range from 40” to 48”, meaning they’ll cover the entire top of your police car or truck with anywhere between 6o to 80 watts of bright lighting power. These LEDs are ultra-bright that can pulsate, they’re a hundred percent protected from the elements and they’re incredibly powerful. Currently, out best-seller is the Mirage 48 TIR Full Size LED Light Bar. It contains 84 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs and 2 Generation IV 3-Watt LED Alley Lights. It contains 15 different flash patterns to choose from and is visible from all angles, making it perfect for nighttime use. The Mirage 48 also comes with a high-tech controller unit that contains all the buttons and switches you need to play around with the settings and get your lighting effect. In addition to the 12 regular colors, you can also pay $50.00 more for alternating lights. If you want maximum visibility and you’re kitting out a new police car, this is a surprisingly affordable and budget purchase!

If you want to go even cheaper, then the Mirage 40 TIR Full Size LED Light Bar is a smaller version that packs the same punch with fewer LEDs. It’s considerably cheaper albeit smaller. However, rest assured that it comes with the same great features such as a controller box, a long power cord, and 15 flash patterns. These are durable, sturdy and will last you a long time, making them worth the investment.

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