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Eagle Eye TIR LED Visor Light - Reviews
[visor light]

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I received this light within 3 days of shipment and was so pleased with its performance; I had to write a review! This light is wonderful! Its bright, day or night. It moves vehicles over quickly. It has nice flash patterns along with the 3 LED Halo in the center to add the special 'attention grabber' and is also used as a nice dome light as well. Needless to say I was kinda worried about ordering from this site sense I hadn't ever before. BUT I will most defiantly be ordering from this site more often! Thank you "Extreme Tactical Dynamics"! -David K.

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This is an awesome light! Light output is excellent even in bright sunlight and it has a wide variety of patterns. I purchased the blue/blue and with the Eagle Eye take-down light flashing in triple mode, it makes for a great traffic-moving light! So far the light has stayed firmly attached to the visor. This is a very good light at a very reasonable price. I would purchase again, and have recommended it to others.

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