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We design and sell GREAT emergency vehicle lights! The engineering department at ETD keeps a keen eye on the market, then develops innovative products.

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Who are we?

We’re the company that has SET THE STANDARD for high quality, cutting edge emergency vehicle lighting, strobes, police lights, and a whole lot more. And we’ve been selling our wide range of products at rock-bottom prices, since 2005.

What do we sell?

ETD has just about every type of emergency, firefighter, and flashing lights you could ever well as tow truck, construction, security, and OFF-Road lights, too! No matter what you need, our online store has just what you are looking for.

Who do we sell to?

EVERYONE! From police and fire departments to rural and urban municipalities, from volunteers to large corporations and private individuals, ETD supplies them ALL! We’re a SAM-approved Government Vendor; we sell to the United States Armed Forces and Federal Agencies.

What do we do?

We design and sell GREAT emergency vehicle lights! The engineering department at ETD keeps a keen eye on the market, then develops innovative products. Wait ‘til you See What’s Coming, Very SOON! There’s nothing like it on the market!

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Average Rating | 4.9


Blaze Core 40 Visor Light Bar

This Visor light is absoloutly amazing. I can not believe the amount of light it puts out. I love the takedown option it is so bright. I also like that this cost a lot less than the competitor.


Enforcer 8 Dash Light

Thank you Extreme for great lights. I bought 3 of them. I hardwired them to my existing control box. I put one in the front dash and I put two in the rear deck of my POV. What amazing brightness.


Elemental 4 Surface Mount

I can not believe how bright this little lights are. I have 2 of them mounted behind my front grille. I can not look at them because they leave spots in my eyes every time I do. A very bright light for the price.

Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens for First Responders by Extreme Tactical Dynamics

ETD is one of the largest suppliers of Emergency vehicle lights for first responders. Our LED Strobe lights are manufactured to the highest standards and meet or exceed all existing operating safety codes. Our police and emergency vehicle sirens are waterproof and built to last.  Whether you are outfitting a POV or an entire fleet with police lights we can supply you. 

We offer both large and small emergency vehicle warning lights for any variety of applications.  You can purchase these vehicle emergency lights in our online store or visit our physical location. Our dedicated team of top rated sales and support staff is available to help you with all your LED emergency light needs.

LED Warning Lights And Safety Strobes For All Uses

LED Warning lights have come a long way, and we offer only the best and the brightest. When it comes to safety, our vehicle warning lights can often be customized so they will work with almost any emergency vehicle setup. We have amber emergency lights for tow trucks and construction vehicles, as well as all the other popular LED strobe colors, such as red, blue, green, and white keeping first responder personnel safe on the roadways. Our LED technology is bright enough to be seen in full daylight and is absolutely essential for night time use. From warning lights to work lights, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has you covered.

LED Emergency Light Bars for the first responder, warning and safety industries

ETD’s LED emergency light bars are critical for the safety and visibility of First Responders across multiple industries.  Our LED warning lights are meant to be used primarily as fire truck lights, police car lights, tow truck lights, and construction vehicle lights.  ETD also offers offroad light bars, work lights and motorcycle emergency lights. 

LED Emergency Vehicle Lights and Strobe Light Bars for cars and trucks

Selling LED Emergency Vehicle lights since 2005 ETD knows what will fit in your POV or departments fleet.  We have the right staff in place to assist you in finding the right emergency vehicle lighting.  As an authorized government supplier of emergency lights and sirens we supply multiple departments and government agencies across the country with their strobe light bars and vehicle warning lights to outfit their vehicle fleets. ETD’s LED warning light bars and strobe lights will fit on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s just to name a few.

No matter if your outfitting your POV, city department or government fleet vehicles we are able meet your demands.  With a focus and emphasis on customer service our team is trained to answer your questions and assist you in your selection of emergency lights for your vehicles.

A Reputation built from years of experience, trust and service

We at Extreme Tactical Dynamics have been working tirelessly since 2005 to make sure we provide not only the best emergency vehicle light products, but the best service. Our reputation is backed by thousands of 5 star reviews that speak to not only quality without compromise, but service that is top notch. Backed by top of the line warranties, our patented product line is built to serve and keep YOU, our valued customer, safe.

Our dedication speaks for itself, as we continue to provide cost effective equipment, accessories and affordable warning lights to you. No matter what style of emergency warning lights you are looking for, Extreme Tactical Dynamics is the professional and affordable answer you have been looking for.

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