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Extreme Tactical Dynamics a top provider of police lights since 2005. Serving first responders for 18 years now We specialize in LED police lights for cars and trucks. We offer flashing strobe lights to covert undercover lighting kits. Designed for Patrol vehicles and unmarked vehicles our comprehensive collection of emergency vehicle lights include multiple styles of lights for multiple vehicles and comes in a large selection of colors. We have price points and choices that will fit your needs. Known for reliability and cost effectiveness our products cover every category from dash and visor lights to light bars and surface mount grille lights.

LED Police Lights

Police Lights by Product Category

Police Light Bars

Police light bars deliver powerful and highly visible bright light when you need it. Light bars are typically mounted on the roofs of police vehicles. LED Light bars consist of multiple LED modules that produce very intense light for visibility when an emergency situation is being responded to. They are designed to meet the rigors of law enforcement work and are built to be durable, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding high-speed pursuits, rough terrains, and challenging weather conditions. They offer many flash patterns and many offer takedown functions as well as traffic advisor modes. The primary purpose of the police light bar is to enhance officer safety by increasing visibility in emergency situations and making police vehicles easily identifiable.

Police Dash Lights

Police dash lights are very bright and compact LED lights that provide crucial warning power. The LED police dash lights are outfitted and mounted primarily in the front windshield of a police car or truck and are typically mounted with suctions cups making them easy to take in and out of marked or undercover police vehicles. Dash lights provide versatile function and bright lighting capabilities to aid in emergency situations. With the intensity of these lights and the multiple strobe flash patterns built in they bring urgency to alerting the public of law enforcement. They help officers establish a visible presence with their warning power by making them clearly seen.

Police Visor Light Bars

Police Visor Light bars are discreet and extremely bright lighting solutions for the interior windshield of police vehicles. These lights attach to the visors of the vehicle and sit up high inside the windshield. LED Visor light bars are often used in undercover vehicles due to their low profile and minimal visibility to others. When activated with their multiple strobe light flash patterns these emergency vehicle lights warn the public and other motorists to exercise caution and yield to the oncoming law enforcement personnel.

Police Grille and Surface Mount Strobe Lights

Police Grille and Surface Mount Strobe Lights are designed to provide high visibility in emergency situations. These strobe lights are built to be durable and weatherproof. Grille light emergency vehicle lights typically mount inside the front grille, on the bumper guard, around the license plate area and many other locations as they are compact and easy to mount. They come in multiple flashing patterns and generally can be outfitted to either sync or alternate with each other.

Police Hideaway Lights

Police Hideaway Lights are compact are also know as strobe light kits. They mount inside the front or rear headlight housing or in the rear tail lights. Many LED Hideaway lights come with a flange so they can also be mounted on a flat surface of the vehicle. They are great for concealing that a car or truck has emergency vehicle lights. They make for a great low-profile look and work perfect for police undercover vehicles. These have taken the place of strobe tube kits.

Police Traffic Advisor Light Bars

Traffic advisor light bars offer directional warning power for effective traffic control. These traffic advisor light bars typically are mounted in the rear window of a police vehicle. They are able to be programmed to flash in specific patterns. They offer multiple color options and come also in dual color.

Police Lights by Color

Color selection plays a very important role in alerting the public to emergency situations and maintaining officer safety on the road.

Red and Blue Police Lights

Red and Blue lights are synonymous with police vehicles. They are the most popular option for police lights.

Blue and White Police Lights

Blue and White lights are another popular option that is used on police cars. By adding in white it gives the appearance that a police officer is more approachable vs. the Red option but at the same time still maintains authority.

Green Police Lights

Green Lights typically signify command post vehicles for police officers or a supervisor in charge.

Other color Police Lights

There are other options for police light colors depending on the local jurisdiction requirements. Some may choose to use other combinations that may include Red, Blue, White, Green, and Amber.

Police Lights by Vehicle Type

Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers a leading manufacturer wide array of Police Lights for different types of vehicles. Our selection of bright emergency vehicle lights is sure to light up your fleet of vehicles.

Police Cars

Our police car lights are designed for the toughest of conditions are keep visibility in mind. From light bars that are mounted on the roof to visor lights and grille lights. We are sure to offer the perfect fit for your marked of unmarked police car.

Police Trucks

Police Trucks require heavy duty well built and extremely bright lights to withstand the harsh conditions and ensure maximum visibility. This can range from an LED Hideaway Strobe Light to a roof mounted light bar.

Police SUV’s

Police SUV’s are becoming more popular in the fleet industry as they provide more room for the officer and his belongings. All of our LED police lights will fit on the newest of police SUV’s

Police Specialty vehicles

Such as SWAT vehicles that are utilized in high risk situations require the heaviest of duty emergency vehicle lights. We carry specialized lights for these specific vehicles.

Police Light Mounting Locations

Extreme Tactical Dynamics Police Lights are made for mounting. We offer lights that can be mounted in the grilles, rocker panels, Roof top, inside the headlights, inside the front windshield in the back window and many other locations. So depending on your specific police vehicle we certainly have a wide range of options for you.

Police Lights Requirements and Certifications Met

SAE J595

The SAE J595 standard set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifies the requirements for direction indicating flashing optical warning devices used on emergency, maintenance and service vehicles. The device must be designed to alert other road users of the presence and operational status of the emergency vehicle.

California Title 13 Compliance

In the state of California, Title 13 regulations dictate the use of warning lights on emergency vehicles. The regulations dictate the specifications on colors, brightness, flash patterns and mounting for the different types of emergency vehicle lights. These standards are the strictest in the United States and are designed to ensure uniformity and safety among first responders.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics prides itself on providing LED Police Lights for 18 years that adhere to the safety standards and requirements set forth above.

When purchasing emergency vehicle lights it is critical to ensure they meet established safety standards. All of Extreme Tactical Dynamics emergency vehicle lights for police either meet or beat the requirements. Our police equipment is safe to buy as we meet these requirements. Check out our latest sale.


Why are police lights so bright?

The brightness and intensity of police lights is a necessity for them to be seen from a distance and through bad weather conditions. The intense bright strobe flash patterns make sure other drivers and pedestrians notice the police vehicles lighting packages.

What is the difference between police lights and other emergency vehicle lights?

There is a significant overlap in specific colors and patterns to differentiate the types of emergency lights. For Example in many jurisdictions the color blue is primarily associated with police. While red may also be used by other emergency first responder services.

Can civilians use police lights?

In most all jurisdictions the use of police lights is strictly regulated of prohibited. Each jurisdiction has its own laws and varies widely between each state. The unauthorized use of police lights can lead to significant penalties.

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we blend innovation and reliability to offer the brightest LED warning lights and strobe lights for cars and trucks across multiple industries involving emergency vehicles. We design our lights with the highest standards ensuring long lasting versatility and brightness. Ready to outfit your emergency vehicle or upgrade your current warning light system Trust in us- your safety is our priority.

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Blaze Core 40 Visor Light Bar

This Visor light is absoloutly amazing. I can not believe the amount of light it puts out. I love the takedown option it is so bright. I also like that this cost a lot less than the competitor.


Enforcer 8 Dash Light

Thank you Extreme for great lights. I bought 3 of them. I hardwired them to my existing control box. I put one in the front dash and I put two in the rear deck of my POV. What amazing brightness.


Elemental 4 Surface Mount

I can not believe how bright this little lights are. I have 2 of them mounted behind my front grille. I can not look at them because they leave spots in my eyes every time I do. A very bright light for the price.