What kind of Mini Light Bars are you looking for?

Mini Light Bars

LED Mini Light Bars

Our LED mini Light Bars are used on Emergency vehicles such as police cars, trucks and SUV’s, fire trucks, and EMS vehicles. Other vehicles our mini light bars are used on include security vehicles, construction trucks, ATV’s, Snow Plows, Motorcycles and the list goes on and on.

Color Options

Our mini emergency light bars come in multiple colors to provide the emergency vehicle light industry with the right choice of colored led emergency lighting for their profession. We offer all of our LED mini light bars in Amber, Red, Blue, White and Green. Our large selection of colors from solid, split or custom configurations ensures that we are able to full fill the requirements of the vehicle they are meant to go on. We can also customize and light bar to any color.

Sizes and shapes available

From a small led light bar to large full size light bar we offer an assortment of different sizes to fit your emergency vehicle. Our mini led light bars come in the following sizes 9 inch, 11 inch, 12inch, 13 inch, 17 inch, 20 inch, 21 inch, 27 inch, 29inch, 30 inch. From almost square to rectangle, round and oval we are sure to have the size or shape mini light bar you need. Low Profile light bars are the way to go when mounting space is an issue.

Patterns available

Our LED Mini light bars come with multiple different flashing patterns. Most of our emergency light bars will come with 20 or more flashing light patterns. All of our LED lights produce that intense strobe flash you are looking for warning other vehicles on the road of your presence. All of these lights provide 360 degree coverage.


Most of the mini light bars mount using magnets to attach them to the roof of your car or truck. The magnets can be removed and the units can be hard mounted to the vehicle. Please take caution when using magnetic light bars and make sure to follow the directions and warranties listed for the specific item.

Power and control

All of our lights have now been upgraded to use 3 watt LED’s. We always provide the next generation of LED’s to give you the brightest output possible. Our mini light bars operate on 12v and can be customized for other power options. They are all able to plug into a cigarette lighter for power or can be hard wired.