What kind of Emergency Light and Siren Bundles are you looking for?

Emergency Light and Siren Bundles

If you’re not sure what emergency lights would work well together, then we’ve done the work for you. Once you’ve looked through the various combo selections, visualizing how they’d look on your police cruiser, fire truck, or POV, then it’s easy to pick one of our bundles without worry whether or not they would work or would look good. They will! And, of course, there’s always the savings when buying in bulk from us because we can pass on low prices to you. Buy a combo bundle of emergency lights with a siren/speaker. You’ll be totally decked out!

LED Emergency Vehicle Light Bundles for All Types of Fleet Cars and Trucks

We have put together a variety of emergency vehicle light bundles that give our customers several options to choose from. Some, such as our visor lights, are for the interior only, others are for just the exterior, and some are for both. If you want more flashing lights, we’ve got that assortment, but if you want lights and a traffic advisor, then we have that combination, too. By combining our products in a creative, practical way that we call our Centari Collection, ETD has not only passed on a nice savings to you, but we have configured practical combos based on our experience and on what our customers have bought from us.

Our emergency lights have polycarbonate lenses and housings making them long-lasting, durable, and shatter resistant; the lenses don’t fog up or yellow. The interior and exterior lights have all the fittings necessary for mounting either permanently or temporarily. Many use cigarette lighter power plugins; all have long power cables for numerous placement options inside and out. Bundles also include siren and speaker combos with all the components necessary for a high-powered, well-organized sound system.

We Stand Behind OUR Products

We’ve bundled our most popular emergency lights, including the LED Duals, Deck 2 Duals, HEX Traffic Advisors, and others because we want to give our customers great quality products at SUPER LOW PRICES. That’s what we do! We’ve helped you find the right emergency light setup for your emergency service vehicle or POV. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide in Knowledge Base of state regulations regarding the use of Emergency Vehicle Lights. Check it out for a whole lot of useful information if you are in doubt about which light is legal where you live. Always contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. We want to help you in anyway that we can.