What kind of LED Warning Lights are you looking for?

LED Warning Lights

Our premium grade LED Warning Lights offer uncompromised performance and reliability. We offer the brightest in Class SAE 1 rated strobe warning lights. Meticulously designed and manufactured for the heavy duty use of emergency vehicles, work trucks and construction vehicles. We offer comprehensive spectrum of colors including amber, red, blue, green and white LED options. We offer a variety of warning light solutions such as light bars, visor lights, grille lights, dash lights and hideaways. Our warning lights guarantee the best visibility and safety on the road. They are designed for the toughest of environments. Explore our broad line of products and find the perfect lighting solution today.

LED Warning Lights: The Ultimate safety solutions for All Vehicle Types and Industries

Key Features and Benefits

Extreme Tactical Dynamics Warning Lights offer superior brightness, extended lifespan, and low power consumption. These warning lights come with a large selection of strobe flash patterns, multiple mounting options and are built rugged for the toughest of use to ensure unbeatable performance, durability and waterproofing . Choose from multiple colors and solid, split, dual color, alternating or sync options for your signaling power.

Industries Benefiting from our LED Warning Lights

Extreme Tactical Dynamics Premium graded LED warning lights guarantee unrivaled performance and reliability. Catering to the diverse range of the emergency vehicle industry. These lights have been designed and manufactured for the heavy duty use of the emergency vehicle industry and are well suited for emergency, work and construction vehicles.

Police and Law Enforcement Warning Lights:

One of the critical components of a Police Vehicle is the Warning Lights that go on them. Police officers can not respond to emergency calls with out them. Warning Lights can take the shape of small undercover lights to full size light bars.Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers a large selection of Police Warning Lights.

Firefighters, Volunteers, EMS and POV Vehicles

Warning Lights are a very critical piece of equipment for firefighters, EMS and Rescue vehicles that help them ensure their visibility on the road. Fire vehicles generally use a combination of red, white, blue and amber LED Strobe Emergency vehicle lights.

Construction, Work and Utility Trucks

Utility Trucks used by public service companies, Construction trucks and Work Trucks all use LED Warning Lights. Typically you will see these vehicles using Amber and White combinations. This signals of an approaching work zone and potential hazard and alert the driver to take caution. These lights reduce the potential of accidents occurring around these areas of work.

Tow Trucks and Wreckers

The tow industry happens to be one of the most dangerous roadside jobs there is. It is imperative that Warning Lights are in use to provide visibility of the dangers motorists are approaching. Tow trucks typically use Amber and White combinations for their emergency vehicle light colors.

Security Vehicles

Security Vehicles need bright intense warning lights to make their precense known. Often patrolling parking lots and private communities it is important that security vehicles can be seen. They typically use combinations of Amber, White and Green for the color of lights on their vehicles.

Warning Lights are available in multiple color options

Amber warning lights- are mostly used for caution and hazard situations. This color is ideal for work trucks, construction trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, semis and tractors. Amber also has split options including amber and white, amber and green, amber and blue and amber and red.

Red warning lights- are ideal for critical emergency situations and are commonly seen on police vehicles, fire trucks and EMS vehicles. Red also comes in split options including red and white, red and blue, red and amber.

Blue warning lights-Best for Law enforcement vehicles such as police they ensure high visibility and command attention in emergency situations. Blue also has split color options including blue and white, blue and red, blue and amber.

White warning lights- Offer a neutral very intense bright flash that enhances visibility across all color combinations and vehcile types. White also has split options including white and red, white and amber, white and blue, white and green.

Green warning lights- Typically used on security and volunteer vehicles. Sometimes they are used on Police Supervisor cars. Very intense light is output from green LED. Green also has split and options including green and white, green and amber.

Solid, Split, Dual Color, Alternating or Sync

Extreme Tactical Dynamics LED warning lights are available in Solid, Split, or Dual color and all offer Sync capabilities as well as alternating patterns. This allows for multi purpose use and versatile signaling power.

Vehicles our warning lights fit on

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has taken great care in the manufacturing of our warning lights so that you can use them on multiple different types of vehicles from cars and trucks, to motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and even semi trucks.

Warning Light Installation and Mounting

Warning Lights come in all shapes in sizes from 48 inch light bars to 3 inch surface mount lights. They offer multiple strobe flash patterns. Extreme Tactical Dynamics has thought of all types of mounting options for your emergency vehicle. Installation instructions for each item are on the website to make mounting easy and hassle free. We offer Magnetic mount mini light bars, surface mount and grille lights, suction cup mounts, L bracket mounts, license plate mounts and many more. Our LED warning lights come with the proper hardware you need to mount your lights.

Certification and Accredited Warning Lights

Our products are not just popular among the volunteers but also among industry bodies. We use only certified SAE1 LEDs in our Warning Lights meaning that you are going to always have the brightest LED warning Lights according to testing standards.


How long do LED Warning Lights last?

SAE Class 1 LED’s can last up to 100,000 hours. A typical life expectancy is around 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The lifespan of LED warning lights can be influenced by several factors the quality of LED’s being used, operational conditions, and how often the lights are cycled on and off. The long life of LED’s contribute to their cost effectiveness and reliability. This is vital for first responders responding to emergency situations.

Are LED Warning Lights Waterproof?

It is extremely important that LED Warning Lights used in emergency vehicles adhere to high standards of waterproofing. Emergency Vehicles like police cars, fire trucks, construction vehicles operate in extreme weather conditions so it is critical that their emergency lighting systems can stand up to the harsh elements. Our LED Lights carry at minimum an IP67 rating.

Can I use colored LED Warning Lights on my vehicle?

Yes you can use colored LED Warning Lights on your vehicle providing that you are a first responder or have checked the state statues in your jurisdiction to verify what color strobe lights you may use. You can check out the state guidelines here.

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we blend innovation and reliability to offer the brightest LED warning lights and strobe lights for cars and trucks across multiple industries involving emergency vehicles. We design our lights with the highest standards ensuring long lasting versatility and brightness. Ready to outfit your emergency vehicle or upgrade your current warning light system Trust in us- your safety is our priority.

What our customers are saying

Average Rating | 4.9


Blaze Core 40 Visor Light Bar

This Visor light is absoloutly amazing. I can not believe the amount of light it puts out. I love the takedown option it is so bright. I also like that this cost a lot less than the competitor.


Enforcer 8 Dash Light

Thank you Extreme for great lights. I bought 3 of them. I hardwired them to my existing control box. I put one in the front dash and I put two in the rear deck of my POV. What amazing brightness.


Elemental 4 Surface Mount

I can not believe how bright this little lights are. I have 2 of them mounted behind my front grille. I can not look at them because they leave spots in my eyes every time I do. A very bright light for the price.