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Since 2005, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has set the standard in the LED warning light industry, specializing in advanced solutions for emergency vehicles. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, combined with a commitment to outstanding craftsmanship, allows us to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality products tailored for the unique demands of first responders. Through our deep industry expertise and relentless pursuit of excellence, we have established ourselves as a leading authority in emergency vehicle lighting, ensuring safety and reliability when it matters most.

LED Warning Lights: Safety Solutions for all Industries and Vehicle Types

By Product Category

Dive into our extensive array of emergency vehicle warning lights, each category meticulously designed to meet the dynamic needs of first responders:

  • Mini Light Bars: Engineered for discretion and high visibility, our compact mini light bars are ideal for a variety of emergency vehicles. Their low-profile design ensures a stealthy appearance without compromising on brightness or versatility, making them a superior choice for subtle yet effective signaling.

  • Light Bars: Experience unmatched safety with our full-sized light bars, the quintessential element for comprehensive emergency vehicle lighting. Offering 360-degree visibility and equipped with multiple flash patterns, these bars include advanced features such as alley and takedown lights, along with traffic advisor capabilities, to cover all operational needs.

  • Dash Lights: Specifically designed for unmarked vehicles or as additional lighting solutions, our dash lights provide potent illumination while maintaining ease of installation. They serve as the perfect blend of discretion and effectiveness, catering to officers and volunteers who prioritize low-profile yet safe operations.

  • Visor Light Bars: Tailored to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's front windshield, our visor light bars promise uncompromised forward-facing visibility. They are the go-to option for undercover operations or any situation requiring a covert approach without sacrificing visibility.

  • Grille and Surface Mount Lights: Boost your vehicle's visibility from every angle with our versatile grille and surface mount lights. Compact yet powerful, these lights are fundamental for a comprehensive safety strategy, ensuring visibility is maintained from all directions to establish a safe working perimeter.

  • Hideaway Lights: Uniquely crafted for integration into existing vehicle lighting setups, our hideaway lights provide a covert illumination solution that remains undetected until activated. Ideal for unmarked vehicles, they add a significant layer of discreet, yet potent, lighting for any scenario.

  • Stick Lights: Versatile and functional, our stick lights offer essential directional guidance, suitable for internal or external placement. Whether affixed to rear windows, bumpers, or grilles, they deliver unmistakable warning signals critical for managing traffic and ensuring safety in urgent situations.

  • Traffic Advisors: Crucial for scene safety, our traffic advisors effectively direct oncoming vehicles, clarifying emergency detour routes with vivid patterns and clear signals. Designed for optimal traffic control, they ensure efficient, safe flow around emergency sites.

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, every product is crafted to fulfill the rigorous demands faced by emergency service professionals daily. We are dedicated to equipping every responder with top-tier warning lights, ensuring their safety and the protection of the public in all conditions.

By Industry - Profession

Extreme Tactical Dynamics proudly supports a myriad of industries with our cutting-edge, reliable emergency vehicle warning lights. These lights ensure safety, visibility, and operational efficiency across a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Law Enforcement: Essential for enhancing the visibility of police cars, motorcycles, and tactical units, our warning lights play a crucial role in pursuits, traffic management, and securing crime scenes, thereby bolstering officer safety and public security.

  • Fire Services: Our lights, tailored for fire engines and emergency response teams, provide the high-intensity visibility necessary for safely and swiftly navigating traffic, a key component in effective emergency scene management and evacuation processes.

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): By enabling ambulances and paramedic vehicles to efficiently move through congested areas, our warning lights are critical in ensuring the timely arrival at emergency scenes, which is paramount for patient survival and medical effectiveness.

  • Construction and Utility: Designed with visibility and safety in mind, our lights are perfect for construction vehicles and utility trucks, improving roadside and construction zone safety by making these vehicles highly visible to passing traffic, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Towing and Recovery: The visibility of tow trucks and recovery vehicles is significantly enhanced by our lights, particularly vital in hazardous roadside conditions, to signal other drivers and ensure a safer environment for recovery procedures.

  • Security Services: Our warning lights provide necessary visibility for security patrol vehicles, aiding in the deterrence of criminal activity and maintaining high security in sensitive or high-risk areas.

  • Pilot-Escort Vehicles: Used by escort vehicles, our warning lights ensure the safe and visible transportation of oversized loads, special convoys, or VIPs, facilitating smooth passage and enhancing safety during transport operations.

  • Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Vehicles: Given the potential dangers they represent, HazMat vehicles require specific warning lights to alert the public and ensure safety. Our lighting solutions are tailored to highlight the presence of these vehicles and the risks they may carry.

  • Utility Vehicles: These vehicles are essential for maintaining city services and infrastructure. Our amber warning lights indicate ongoing service activities, promoting safety for both the workers and the general public.

    • Snow Plows: In adverse weather conditions, visibility is crucial. Our warning lights for snow plows ensure they are visible, enhancing safety for the operators and the public during snow removal operations.

    • Search and Rescue Vehicles: Designed for critical missions, our lights for search and rescue vehicles offer high-intensity visibility to ensure they can operate effectively in any environment, aiding in rapid response efforts.

    • Municipal and Government: Serving a variety of municipal and government functions, from waste management to street maintenance, our lights ensure that these vehicles are clearly visible while servicing communities, thereby contributing to public safety and infrastructure maintenance.

    • Public Works Vehicles: public works vehicles are used for roadwork, maintenance, or municipal projects. Our lights offer robust, high-visibility lighting. From construction zones to city-wide utility repairs, our lights support public works.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is committed to delivering specialized emergency vehicle warning lights that meet the unique needs and challenges of each sector, aiming to boost safety and operational efficiency for professionals in all these essential fields.

By Vehicle Type

Our comprehensive selection of warning lights is tailored to fit a variety of emergency and service vehicles, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for each specific application:

  • Cars: Our car-oriented warning lights are compact, versatile, and designed for maximum visibility. They are perfect for both undercover operations and marked patrol cars, ensuring that every vehicle is noticed in time-critical situations.

  • Trucks: Tailored for larger vehicles, our truck warning lights are robust and built to endure heavy-duty applications. They ensure that vehicles like fire trucks and tow trucks maintain a commanding presence and are clearly visible on the roads.

  • Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles: Our heavy-duty commercial vehicle lights are engineered for the rigorous demands of large-scale operations. Ideal for freight, construction, and logistics vehicles, these lights ensure maximum visibility for safety during long-haul transports and demanding work environments.

  • SUVs: For SUVs, we offer adaptable and efficient lighting solutions that bridge the gap between cars and larger trucks. These lights cater to various emergency services, including law enforcement and search and rescue, offering reliable performance.

  • Specialty Vehicles: We provide specialized lighting for unique vehicles such as ambulances, command centers, and mobile incident units. This ensures that each specific vehicle type is equipped with appropriate lighting that meets their operational requirements and standards.

LED Warning Light Features

By Color

Our warning lights come in a variety of different colors to meet the specific requirements and regulations of different emergency services and situations:

  • Amber: Ideal for tow trucks, construction vehicles, and utility services, amber warning lights signify caution and are universally recognized for their association with slow-moving or stationary vehicles.

  • Red: A powerful signal for emergency and first responder vehicles, Red lights are predominantly used by fire departments, volunteer fire fighters and ambulance services to indicate immediate danger or urgent assistance.

  • Blue: Typically used by law enforcement vehicles, blue warning lights are a clear indicator of police presence and are used to signal authority and command attention in critical situations.

  • White: Often used in combination with other colors, white lights can enhance visibility, helping to illuminate the scene around an emergency vehicle, or used alone for less critical emergency services.

  • Green: Green warning lights are commonly used by volunteer emergency services and in specific areas such as incident command vehicles to signify a command presence or to designate access to certain areas.

  • Amber-White: This combination is used for a range of emergency services, offering high visibility and differentiation from other services, suitable for security, municipal, and roadside assistance vehicles.

  • Amber-Red: A mix used to draw attention while indicating urgency, suitable for vehicles that require high visibility but are not primary emergency responders, such as incident command centers or utility vehicles.

  • Amber-Blue: A distinctive combination that can be used in specific jurisdictions for certain types of emergency or service vehicles, providing a unique signal that stands out from other warning lights.

  • Amber-Green: Often used in special operations or by specific government vehicles, this combination is designed to be distinctive and is typically associated with specific functions or commands.

  • Red-White: This combination is often used for fire vehicles and ambulances, providing a powerful alert to the presence of emergency services and enhancing overall visibility.

  • Red-Blue: Primarily used by law enforcement, this combination is universally recognized as a signal for police activity, demanding immediate attention and response.

  • Blue-White: A crisp, clear combination that is often used by law enforcement and emergency medical services to provide high visibility and denote authority.

  • Green-White: This combination can be used for specific types of service vehicles, such as environmental services or park rangers, providing a clear but less aggressive visual warning than red or blue lights.

Each color has its specific application, ensuring that your emergency vehicle is equipped with the appropriate warning lights to meet both legal requirements and operational needs.

Flash Patterns

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, our commitment is to enhance the operational efficacy and safety of emergency vehicles through our comprehensive range of flash patterns for warning lights. These patterns are meticulously designed to cater to diverse operational requirements, ensuring exceptional visibility and effective communication during various emergency situations.

  • Rapid Response Patterns: Specifically developed for scenarios demanding high-speed intervention, our rapid response patterns are engineered to immediately draw attention, enabling emergency vehicles to move through traffic efficiently and safely.

  • Pulsing Patterns: Characterized by a rhythmic sequence of intense flashes followed by short pauses, these patterns maintain consistent visibility, making them ideal for a variety of situations, from high-speed mobility to stationary positions.

  • Rotating Patterns: Inspired by the classic rotating beacon, these patterns deliver a time-tested, effective visual signal, perfect for standard emergency signaling and ensuring widespread recognition.

  • Sweeping Patterns: These patterns create a moving visual signal from one side to the other, effectively capturing attention across a broad area and significantly enhancing visibility from multiple perspectives.

  • Flashing Patterns: The fundamental emergency lighting pattern, our flashing sequences are customizable in speed and intensity, accommodating various levels of urgency and different times of day.

  • Steady Burn: This mode provides constant lighting to illuminate specific areas or mark stationary command posts during prolonged emergency situations, ensuring clear and continuous visibility.

  • Arrow Patterns: Engineered for explicit traffic direction, these patterns guide drivers safely around an incident or toward alternative routes, enhancing on-site traffic management and safety.

  • Random Patterns: Designed to prevent habituation, these patterns vary the flash sequence to keep surrounding traffic alert and focused, reducing the likelihood of accidents near the emergency scene.

  • Simulated Rotator Patterns: Merging the nostalgic appeal of traditional rotating lights with the efficiency and brightness of modern LEDs, these patterns offer a visually appealing yet highly effective warning signal.

  • Intermittent Patterns: Featuring distinct breaks between flashes, these patterns create a noticeable alert that effectively captures and retains the attention of road users, thereby improving overall situational awareness.

  • Strobe Patterns: Emitting rapid, intense bursts of light, strobe patterns are designed to convey urgency, instantly alerting nearby individuals to the presence of an emergency situation.

  • Fading Patterns: Characterized by a gradual modulation of light intensity, these patterns offer a softer warning suitable for sensitive scenarios or community areas, reducing the potential for alarm while still maintaining visibility.

  • Quad Flash Patterns: Consisting of four swift flashes followed by a pause, these patterns provide an assertive yet balanced alert, ensuring clear communication without overwhelming the observer.

  • Alternating Patterns: With lights flashing in a sequential manner across different bulbs or sets, these patterns enhance the dynamic visibility of the emergency vehicle, aiding in better directional guidance for surrounding traffic.

By integrating this diverse array of flash patterns, Extreme Tactical Dynamics is dedicated to ensuring that emergency service providers have access to the most effective visual communication tools for their specific operational needs. Our products are crafted to aid in high-speed pursuits, traffic management, and scene security, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Compliance, Regulation and Certification for Warning Lights

Requirements and Certifications Met

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, compliance and certification in emergency vehicle lighting are at the core of our product design and development. We pride ourselves on not just meeting, but exceeding industry standards, which underscores our commitment to reliability, safety, and legal compliance in all our warning lights.

  • Industry Certifications: Our range of warning lights complies with stringent industry standards, notably those set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These certifications affirm our commitment to exceptional performance, durability, and visibility, catering to the diverse demands of emergency response vehicles.

  • DOT Compliance: Adherence to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations is a cornerstone of our product design. Our lights are crafted to surpass DOT standards, ensuring they are fully compliant and suitable for use on public roadways, enhancing safety in traffic and across various emergency scenarios.

  • IP Ratings: Recognizing the critical nature of all-weather reliability, our warning lights boast appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. This ensures they are safeguarded against dust and water, a testament to their durability and reliability in all operational conditions.

  • EMC Testing: We rigorously test our warning lights for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to prevent any harmful electromagnetic interference. This ensures our products are safe and do not disrupt other essential electronic equipment in emergency vehicles or the vicinity.

  • Photometric Performance: Through extensive photometric testing, we ensure our lights achieve specific standards of visibility and brightness. This guarantees that our products effectively communicate urgent signals to other road users, safeguarding both emergency responders and the public.

  • Build Quality and Materials: Only the finest materials are used in our warning lights, reflecting our dedication to quality and endurance. Tested for both durability and longevity, our products are built to withstand the demanding conditions typical of emergency service work.

  • ISO Standards: We align with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure global standards for quality, safety, and efficiency. Our adherence to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and other relevant standards underscores our commitment to quality management and environmental stewardship.

  • ECE Regulations: For international clients, our lighting solutions comply with the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regulations concerning brightness, color, and flash patterns, ensuring they meet the specific legal requirements of European countries and other adhering regions.

  • CA Title 13: In response to California's stringent regulations, our products meet the CA Title 13 requirements, ensuring that emergency vehicles in California are equipped with lights that meet the highest standards for visibility, intensity, and color.

  • NFPA 1901: We ensure that our lighting solutions comply with the NFPA 1901 standards for Automotive Fire Apparatus, setting the benchmark for emergency lighting in terms of placement, color, and intensity, particularly for fire service vehicles.

By maintaining strict adherence to these varied requirements and certifications, Extreme Tactical Dynamics guarantees that our warning lights stand at the pinnacle of industry standards. This commitment provides our clients with the confidence that they are investing in superior, compliant, and effective emergency lighting solutions.

Compliance and Regulation

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we prioritize the importance of adhering to national and local regulations governing emergency vehicle lighting. Our commitment to compliance ensures that our customers not only receive products of the highest quality but also maintain adherence to legal standards, promoting safety and efficacy in their critical roles.

Understanding the complex landscape of emergency lighting regulations, we provide comprehensive guidance and resources to assist our customers. Our dedicated section on Extreme Tactical Dynamics State Statutes Guide serves as an invaluable resource, offering detailed information on state-specific regulations and requirements. This guide is designed to help our clients navigate the diverse legalities across different jurisdictions, ensuring that the lighting solutions they implement are both effective and lawful.

In addition to our state statutes guide, we emphasize the importance of understanding and complying with the following regulations:

  • Federal Standards: We ensure that all our products meet applicable federal standards, including those set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This compliance is crucial for ensuring that emergency vehicles are recognized and operate effectively across state lines.

  • Local and State Regulations: Recognizing that local and state laws can vary significantly, we design our products with versatility and adaptability in mind. Our lighting solutions cater to a broad range of requirements, ensuring that vehicles are equipped with the appropriate color, intensity, and flash patterns mandated by local jurisdictions.

  • Industry Guidelines: We adhere to industry best practices and guidelines, including those established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These guidelines help shape the design and functionality of our products, ensuring they meet the high standards expected by emergency services.

  • International Standards: For our international clients, we ensure compliance with global standards such as the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regulations. This commitment guarantees that our products are suitable for use in various countries, adhering to international norms and practices.

We encourage all our clients to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations relevant to their locale and operational context. Extreme Tactical Dynamics is committed to providing support and guidance, helping our customers choose the right products that comply with all necessary legal and regulatory standards. By fostering an environment of compliance and education, we aim to enhance the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of emergency response efforts worldwide.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, safety and effectiveness are paramount for your emergency vehicle warning lights. Adhering to recommended safety tips and best practices is essential for optimal function and safety. Below are key guidelines:

Installation Guidelines

  • Qualified Installation: Ensure installation of warning lights by certified technicians to maintain compliance and secure fitting according to regulatory standards.

  • Compatibility Checks: Confirm compatibility of warning lights with your specific vehicle model to prevent malfunctions and safety hazards.

  • Strategic Positioning: Position lights to maximize visibility without impairing the operator's vision or interfering with vehicle operation, ensuring 360-degree visibility.

Operational Guidelines

  • Appropriate Activation: Utilize warning lights strictly for emergency situations as dictated by law to maintain their effectiveness and public sensitivity.

  • Legal Compliance: Adhere strictly to local and state regulations governing the use of emergency lights to promote public safety and legal compliance.

  • Consistent Testing: Incorporate testing of warning lights into regular vehicle maintenance to ensure continuous functionality.

Safety Procedures

  • Operator Training: Ensure comprehensive training for all operators on the correct usage and maintenance of emergency lights, emphasizing their correct application.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Augment warning lights with additional visibility measures such as reflective materials and clear signage to ensure vehicle identification and safety.

  • Structured Response Plans: Implement and adhere to precise emergency response protocols, enhancing safety for both the operator and the public during emergency situations.

By adhering to these guidelines, the functionality and safety of your emergency vehicle warning lights are optimized, contributing to effective and safe responses in emergency situations. Remember, these tools are vital for your protection and public safety during emergency operations.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we place immense value on the upkeep and effective troubleshooting of your emergency vehicle warning lights, recognizing their critical role during urgent situations. Commitment to regular maintenance and swift issue resolution is paramount for the durability and functionality of your lighting solutions. Below, we offer advice to help maintain your warning lights in peak condition:

Regular Upkeep Practices

  • Cleanliness: To preserve visibility and light integrity, clean your warning lights regularly to eliminate any accumulation of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Employ a gentle soap and water blend, applying it with a delicate cloth to avoid scratching the lens surface. Refrain from using abrasive chemicals that may harm the light's exterior.

  • Routine Checks: Conduct regular examinations of your warning lights for any damage indicators, such as lens cracks, corrosion, or loose electrical connections. Ensure that all seals and gaskets remain whole to prevent moisture ingress.

  • Operational Testing: Periodically verify the proper functioning of your warning lights. Ensure all modes and flash patterns operate effectively, maintaining uniform and effective illumination.

  • Connection Integrity: Regularly inspect all electrical connections to ensure they are secure and corrosion-free. Proper connections are essential to avoid intermittent light functionality or outright failure.

Addressing Common Lighting Challenges

  • Inoperative Lights: Should your light not activate, check the power source and confirm the light's connection to the vehicle's electrical framework. Review all fuses and wiring for potential damage or degradation and ensure that all switches and control mechanisms are operational.

  • Dimmed Illumination: If the light's brightness is compromised, inspect the system for any voltage drops, clean the lens thoroughly, and examine the LEDs or bulbs for damage. Replace any defective parts to restore proper brightness.

  • Irregular Flash Patterns: If experiencing inconsistent or incorrect flashing, it may indicate a problem with the flasher module or a software glitch. Reset the light to factory settings and reconfigure the flash patterns, referring to your specific model's manual for detailed instructions.

  • Moisture Accumulation: Moisture presence inside the light casing can lead to short circuits and diminished brightness. Check and replace any faulty seals and gaskets, ensuring the light is properly reassembled to avoid future moisture penetration.

  • Excessive Heat: If the light exhibits unusual heat, confirm that there is adequate ventilation around the device. Clear any blockages that may restrict airflow and check that the power supply does not exceed safe levels.

Maintaining consistent upkeep and addressing issues promptly can significantly extend the operational life of your emergency vehicle warning lights. Refer to the specific maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting procedures provided in your model’s manual. For intricate problems or if professional aid is needed, promptly reach out to Extreme Tactical Dynamics or consult with a certified expert.

Warranty and Product Lifecycle

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, your safety and satisfaction are at the core of everything we do. We're not just a company; we're your reliable partner in ensuring that every emergency response is efficient and safe. Our emergency vehicle warning lights are crafted with you—the brave first responders—in mind, combining quality, durability, and technological innovation.

Commitment to Excellence: Our Warranty Promise

Our warranty reflects our commitment to your satisfaction and trust. We understand the critical role our warning lights play in your daily operations, which is why we offer a comprehensive warranty that covers:

  • Weather Resistance: We recognize the unpredictable environments you face. Our products are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring your safety and the reliability of your lights in any scenario. Should you find any defects related to weather resistance, we're here to rectify them.

  • Reliability: In emergencies, every second counts. We guarantee that our warning lights will function flawlessly when needed, providing peace of mind through their dependable performance. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects that might impact their reliability.

  • Durability: Our lights are designed to meet the rigorous demands of emergency services. The warranty covers any issues related to premature wear or breakage under normal usage conditions, ensuring that our products are not only reliable but also durable.

  • Product Lifecycle: We stand behind the longevity of our products. Our LED warning lights come with a five-year limited warranty, assuring you of their performance over time. We want you to feel confident in the longevity and cost-effectiveness of your purchase.

Note: Our warranty is subject to standard terms and conditions. It does not cover damages due to improper installation, misuse, or factors beyond typical operational wear and tear. We encourage open communication; please reach out with any questions regarding warranty specifics or product care.


Why are LED lights preferred for emergency vehicles?

LED lights are increasingly favored for emergency vehicles due to their unmatched brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity. Their bright light ensures that these vehicles stand out for safety. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs consume significantly less power. This helps to saving on battery life and strain on the alternator.

LEDs boast a remarkably long lifespan, ensuring reliable performance around the clock. This durability is complemented by their resistance to shocks and vibrations, a common challenge for vehicles rushing through traffic or uneven terrains. This ruggedness minimizes the risk of sudden light failures when it matters most.

Are there regulations governing the use of LED warning lights?

Ensure your emergency vehicle's LED warning lights adhere to local and state laws by reviewing the regulations specific to your area. These laws typically address the lights' color, intensity, and placement. A comprehensive guide to these regulations is available on the Extreme Tactical Dynamics State Statutes webpage. You can access this resource at the full URL: https://www.extremetacticaldynamics.com/knowledge-base/state-statutes/.

Select LED warning lights that conform to these legal requirements, focusing on the correct colors and brightness levels for your vehicle's role. By consulting trusted resources like Extreme Tactical Dynamics and choosing appropriately certified lights, you ensure that your emergency vehicle meets all necessary legal standards for safety and operation.

How do I choose the right LED warning lights for my vehicle?

Selecting the right LED warning lights for your vehicle can be a long process. Begin by analyzing the vehicle's role—different types like police cars, fire engines, or utility vehicles require specific light attributes to serve their purpose effectively. This understanding guides the selection towards the most appropriate color and light patterns, aligning with the vehicle's emergency or service role.

Consider the operational environment of your vehicle. Select lights that offer maximum visibility and penetration in all conditions, ensuring 360-degree coverage to alert all surrounding traffic effectively.

Mounting and installation are crucial factors. Opt for lights that integrate seamlessly with your vehicle, providing sturdy mounting without compromising the vehicle's functionality or driver's visibility.

By addressing these key areas, you can choose LED warning lights that enhance safety, meet regulatory standards, and align with your specific operational needs.

LED Warning Lights for sale at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we take pride in our extensive experience in the LED lighting industry since 2005. Our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable emergency vehicle lights is backed by years of expertise and a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers. As a trusted source for emergency lighting solutions, we ensure that all the information we provide is based on our authentic experiences and transparent practices. Our dedication to excellence and innovation has been a cornerstone of our business for nearly two decades, and we are committed to continuing this legacy. When you choose Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you're not just purchasing a product; you're gaining a partner with a proven track record and a deep commitment to your safety and satisfaction.

For additional information or support, reach out to our seasoned team at support@extremetacticaldynamics.com or call us at 1-888-893-3308. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities.

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Enforcer 8 Dash Light

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Elemental 4 Surface Mount

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