How to select the right Emergency Vehicle Light

There are many emergency vehicle lights and light bars for sale to consider when you’re ready to buy your first one or when you want to add a new one to your existing light setup. So how do you decide? What should be considered first? Do you have a fixed amount that you can spend? Are you a volunteer or a professional? Do you want the lights hidden or mounted in plain view? Is the light for the interior or exterior, for the surface, grille, roof, headlight….where? Do you need it to direct traffic, or to move traffic out of the way? Do you want a focused beam of light or a spotlight; do you want a broader span of light or a full 180°? Do you need a light that includes a takedown light? Yes….you might say...there are a lot of considerations when you’re ready to buy an emergency light.

So, let’s say that price is the most important factor because you’re a volunteer and won’t be using the light all the time, and you don’t want it permanently mounted on your vehicle. You don’t want to overplay your part, but you DO want a light that will look professional when you need it and do its job. So, consider an interior dash or deck light that attaches with suction cups. Extreme Tactical Dynamics has 4 under $50. Or you might want a visor light that attaches with Velco straps; the Stinger TIR LED Visor Light for under $50 could be just right, and there’s a second choice for just over that amount.

Or you could be a professional who drives different vehicles, so you never know which will be assigned to you. You always want to have good, reliable lights, so you buy your own. If that’s the case, then the dash and deck or visor

 light could be exactly what will work for you, as well. But because you’ll use the light on a regular basis, you don’t mind spending about a $100; then you’d have a choice of three 360° lights, all with powerful magnets that would hold it tight to the roof of whatever you’re driving.

mirage-48-main.jpgThen there’s the best case scenario of have no price limitation and you can buy whatever you want to do the job! But even if this IS the case, you’ll still have to figure out what the best light would be. So, you think...1) What do I want it for? 2) What do I want it TO DO? 3) Do I want a high visibility light mounted on the top of my squad car...or do I want a high-intensity, low-profile light that is powerful but basically out of sight? In either case, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has several that would ‘fit the bill!’ Here are two options you’d want to consider. With the Chameleon 8 LIN Dual Color Traffic Advisor you’ll get a 96 Watt light bar that mounts on the dash or deck with suction cups (virtually out of sight); it has 30 flash patterns and all the features of a traffic advisor. The Mirage 48” TIR LED Light Bar has an impressive, sleek, aerodynamic design that mounts low on the roof of your vehicle. It’s got a takedown light, alley lights, traffic advisor features, and numerous flash patterns; it’s got it all and works as an excellent police light bar! Both lights are multifunctional powerhouses; either would work. One is permanently installed, the other has suction cups. All you have to do is decide. We have a full range of police light bars for sale to choose from.

navigator-4-hybrid.jpgAnd finally, you’ve just bought a fantastic OFF Road Vehicle and you’re ready to have FUN! You want to outfit it for any terrain...night or day...rain or shine. You want lights, lots of them….front and back...high and low. And most importantly, you want a wide spread of light and you want to see all the way down the road, too! Just search our products once you know exactly what you want; it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for because ETD has each type of OFF Road Light that’s on your list. You’ll find the Navigator 100 Hybrid; it combines 2 high-intensity lights into one--the Spot Light and the Flood Light--so you see far and WIDE, as well as, ‘waaaaaay’ into the distance; it’s got 300 watts of light that’s 18,000 lms! Rugged surface mount lights will see you through overflowing streams and down twisting muddy roads. All have IP-67 rating so mud or water can’t seep in, no matter where you take if Off Road. Pick these suggested lights….or look for others!

You'll always find the right Emergency Vehicle Light at ETD

Look at the HOME PAGE on ETD’s website, and you’ll see that the 9 categories of emergency lights are arranged by mounting LOCATIONS and by DESIGN. Visor Lights attach to the visors; Dash and Deck Lights are interior lights that mount to the front and back windows. Light Bars come in two sizes, Mini and Full, and Hide-Aways are hidden just about anywhere. Surface Mount and Grille Lights, that’s obvious. Browse ALL the categories and look at the light options; click on one and you’ll see an image to the right of the description demonstrating where the lights are usually mounted. Prices are listed and savings, too! Compare the various wattages and sizes within specific Series, and NEVER HESITATE to contact our friendly Customer Service Team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you need any help creating the light setup for your vehicle...or if you have any questions!

It’s impossible to cover all the Light-Buying scenarios because there are so many, many different types of customers, with different jobs, with different needs, and with different amounts that they can spend to outfit their vehicles. Before making a selection, think of ALL the options that could possibly apply to your situation, then look through the categories of emergency lights in ETD’s online catalog.  ALL our lights are a great price, all high-quality at a great savings, and all have warranties. There’s just one thing left to do before buying a light….YOU have to figure out which of our phenomenal products is the right one for YOU! We always have more than one led light bar for sale, along with a full assortment of emergency vehicle products such as the police siren.


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