What kind of All LED Light Bars are you looking for?

All LED Light Bars

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a leader in the LED light bar market. We specialize in emergency vehicle lights and lighting for emergency response and utility vehicles. If you need high-quality LED lighting, you’re in the right place. We have options for every situation and can customize products to meet your needs.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is the best provider of emergency response and utility vehicle LED emergency light bars.

What are LED Light Bars Used For?

With sizes ranging from full size to mini light bars you’ll find the right solution for your work - police, fire, emergency, construction, utility, pilot car, and more- and your vehicle - truck, police car, ambulance, motorcycle, tractor, 4x4, ATV, off road. LED light bars are the best way to ensure your 360 degree visibility. If you need a light bar we have just what you need.

Our lights are approved by U.S. and state regulatory agencies. Our rugged and waterproof lights are ready to serve. From local police to Homeland Security, government agencies and private contractors we have the LED warning lights to get your vehicle noticed.

LED lights are energy efficient. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat, conserving the power from your vehicle battery. That means even though the lights are small and lightweight, they generate powerful visible light to alert the public as you move through traffic or off road.

When you are looking for LED light bars for sale, we offer a huge choice to outfit out vehicle.

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Exterior Light Bars Increase Visibility

Because LED lights emit powerful light from a small source, our full-size light bars enhance safety for you and the vehicles and pedestrians around you. Perfect for trucks, construction vehicles, snow plows and emergency vehicles, they alert the world to your presence. They are sturdy and made to withstand hard weather and pierce through murky light like fog and snow.

Our mini-light bars don’t take up as much space but because of the power of LED lights, they ensure your visibility on and off road. Many of our smaller light bars have magnetic mounting so they’re ready and secure when you need lights in a hurry. Use these lights for first responder units, utility vehicles, UTV's, Police units, and volunteer fire fighters use them as 360-degree warning on their POV's.

When you leave the workplace or go out of jurisdiction, just put them away.

You’ll find a choice of mountings for your light bars. Our permanent mount light bars come with detailed instructions and include mounting brackets to install the light bar to your roof. Or you can choose light bars with mounting brackets with everything you need to get them installed. Our magnetic mounts are simple, put them on the top when you need them, take them down when you don’t.

Interior Light Bars: On When You Need Them

Use interior LED light bars for hidden use like undercover work. Bright LED light beam out when these lights are on for instant visibility. Hidden inside your vehicle, no one sees them until you turn them on. Use them on your dash, visor, and rear window and rear deck. Undercover cops, fire department chiefs, detectives, pilot vehicle drivers, volunteer firefighters are all regular users of interior light bars. These interior light bars are a top selection for privately owned vehicles.

These warning lights give you the visibility you need.

Work Scene and Off Road Light Bars

When it comes to work and illuminating the space ahead, we have light bars configured for bright lighting. Our spotlight bars give you the light you need to work safely. And when you’re off road, you see branches, rocks, and other impediments to avoid.

These lights are perfect for construction vehicles, utility vehicles, ambulances and emergency because they illuminate your work. You need to see what you are doing even in fog, snow or just plain bad weather.

Stay safe on your adventures by knowing what’s ahead. They’re great for off road, Jeep, ATV, and 4x4 adventures. And, your light bars from Extreme Tactical Dynamics are rugged. They’re built to last through rough rides and rough weather.

Directional Traffic Advisor Lights

When you need to direct traffic around your worksite, directional traffic advisor light bars signal drivers to go around your crucial site. Tow trucks, emergency vehicles, and construction vehicles use these arrow stick lights to send traffic left or right. The lights flash in a sequence to indicate which way vehicles need to go.

Set the lights to color configurations and left, right and center patterns so you can program the lights for each situation.

Because the directional light patterns are programmable, you can also use the same light bars as emergency light with regular flash patterns and simply press a button to change to directional mode.1.

Power of our Light Bars

All of our light bars use the latest and greatest when it comes to LED chips. We utilize all Generation 4 LED's.

Depending on whether you are buying an Emergency Light bar or an Off Road light bar we utilize 3 watt, 5 watt, and 10 watt LED's

All of our Emergency Vehicle LED's are SAE class 1 certified. When you see the SAE Class 1 logo next to one of lights you can rest assured you are getting the brightest LED in a warning light. LED technology is quickly evolving and we stay ahead of the curve by working with the LED manufacturers so that we are able to get the newest LED's

Colors of our Emergency Light Bars

We offer our light bars in a range of colors. Our colors include

Red, Blue, Amber, White and Green. We also offer these in split colors. Giving you a total of 13 different options.

If you need a custom light bar it is easy for us to do because all modules are interchangeable.

Light Bar sizes

We offer several sizes when it comes to our light bars.

Full Size Light Bars come in 37",40",47" and 48" offering a good selection for the roof of your vehicle.

Mini light bars come in 11",12",13",17",20",21"27",29" and 30" lengths. We offer the largest size selection of mini light bars to fit many different types of cars or trucks.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics

An industry leader since 2005, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has LED lights for vehicles of all types. Our LED light bars meet or exceed all standard evaluations like SAE. We’ve served the vehicle community for over 15 years. We know your needs and provide the light solutions, for police cars, motorcycles, trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, construction, emergency vehicles or any vehicle you own.

ETD is SAM government approved and we’re set up to cover purchase orders for one vehicle or a fleet. Check you local light requirements with our outline of state statutes guide..

Get your LED light bar solutions from ETD. We’re here to help. If you have a question, contact us.

Make your choice with confidence in our years of service.

What kind of Light Bars are you looking for?