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LED Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are employed by a diverse range of emergency vehicles. Strobe lighting is famed for its intensity and power, and it can be used in all kinds of different settings and environments. Made specifically as emergency vehicle lights if you’re a volunteer or a first responder who is looking for equip a personal or emergency vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. We stock an array of strobe lights that are ideally suited to police officers, security personnel, ambulance and truck drivers. Whether you need a discreet hideaway strobe for a police patrol car on a secret mission or a strobe kit for a personal vehicle, we’re confident our extensive range of emergency lights will provide an effective solution.

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Strobe Lights By Product Category

Our LED strobe lights, each designed with precision to cater to the critical needs of public safety and service sectors:

Mini Strobe Light Bars

Designed and built for discreet yet powerful visibility, our compact strobe light bars are versatile across diverse emergency situations. With their sleek design, they will provide that low profile look, perfect for construction trucks and private service vehicles.

Heavy Duty Light Bars

Discover the pinnacle of safety with our extensive heavy duty light bars, designed for an unmistakable presence. Their all-around visibility, complemented by varying flash patterns, makes them a must have for large scale emergency responses.

LED Dash Lights

Made for undercover or secondary lighting needs. For when you do not have the room for a visor light or full sized light bar our strobe dash lights provide significant illumination. Ideal for all different types of first response vehicles and professionals that value quick deployment and discreet presence.

LED Visor Lights

Our visor lights offer essential front-facing visibility without distraction. They stand as the primary choice for operations requiring stealth low profile look without compromising on lighting clarity.

LED Strobe Grille and Surface Mount Lights

Our dynamic grille and surface mount strobe lights have a low profile and remain hidden until activated. Their compact design does not sacrifice power, ensuring comprehensive coverage for safety in every direction.

Strobe Kit Hideaway Lights

Innovatively designed for seamless integration, our strobe hideaway lights remain invisible until the moment they're needed. They provide a powerful layer of lighting for unmarked vehicles, adding depth to your emergency lighting without revealing your position.

Strobe Stick Lights

Our stick lights provide versatility, offering great placement flexibility. Ideal for external or internal mounting, they ensure your vehicle's intentions are immediately understood, keeping both the public and first responders safe.

Traffic Advisors

Essential for managing on-scene traffic flow, our strobe traffic advisors utilize distinct patterns to signal clear instructions, ensuring orderly movement around critical areas and enhancing safety for everyone involved.

Strobe Lights By Industry and Profession

Extreme Tactical Dynamics' LED Strobe Lights serve as pivotal tools across diverse sectors, providing targeted solutions to enhance operational effectiveness and safety:

Law Enforcement

Our LED Strobe Lights are crucial for law enforcement operations. They are necessary in high-speed pursuits, ensuring high visibility during traffic stops and securing perimeters, thereby increasing officer safety.

Fire Services

Tailored for fire engines and emergency response teams, our strobe lights cut through dense smoke and ensure clear visibility during emergency responses. They are vital for alerting emergency response situations.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

In life-saving missions, our LED Strobe Lights enable ambulances to alert traffic and expedite safe passage, crucial for reaching critical situations swiftly. They highlight the urgency, aiding in faster patient transport to medical facilities.

Construction and Utility

Built to withstand rugged conditions, our strobe lights maintain high visibility for construction trucks, machinery and utility vehicles, safeguarding workers by alerting passing traffic in roadwork zones and during infrastructure repairs.

Towing and Recovery

Enhancing the safety of towing operations, especially under low visibility conditions, our LED Strobe Lights signal caution to passing drivers, reducing roadside hazards during vehicle recoveries and help to ensure operator safety.

Security Services

For security vehicles, our strobe lights provide essential visibility during patrols and emergency responses, deterring unauthorized activities and enhancing the safety of security personnel in various environments.

Pilot-Escort Vehicles

Facilitating the transport of oversized loads, our lights ensure these vehicles are noticeable, improving road safety for all travelers by clearly marking the dimensions and movements of large convoys.

Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Vehicles

Our LED Strobe Lights are customized for HazMat operations, signaling caution and clearly marking vehicles carrying dangerous substances, thereby helping to prevent accidents and ensure the public's safety.

Utility Vehicles

Supporting municipal services, our lights help to ensure visibility for utility vehicles during routine maintenance or emergency repairs, enhancing worker safety and minimizing service disruption.

Snow Plows

In severe weather, our lights make sure snow plows are visible, aiding in efficient snow removal while alerting the public that the drivers are approaching, keeping roads passable during winter storms.

Search and Rescue Vehicles

Our LED Strobe Lights play an important part for search and rescue missions, providing high-intensity lighting to help guide operations in challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions, aiding in the rapid location of individuals in distress.

Municipal and Government

Supporting a range of municipal services, from sanitation to road maintenance, our strobe lights keep these vehicles visible, contributing to public safety and the smooth functioning of community services.

Public Works Vehicles

Essential for maintaining city infrastructure, our LED Strobe Lights equip public works vehicles with the visibility needed for safe and efficient completion of projects, from street repairs to public facility maintenance.

Strobe Lights By Vehicle Type

Explore our extensive range of LED Strobe Lights, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of vehicle types, providing visibility for every specific need:


Our LED Strobe Lights for cars are compact yet powerful, ideal for undercover law enforcement or private security vehicles. They ensure discretion when needed but provide intense visibility during emergencies, effectively alerting other road users during critical operations.


Tailored for the robustness of trucks, including fire trucks and tow trucks, our strobe lights ensure these large vehicles are unmistakable on the road. Their high visibility is crucial for safety during operations, making them an essential rugged tool for high stakes environments.

Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

Designed to meet the demands of freight, construction, and logistics, our LED Strobe Lights for heavy duty vehicles provide the necessary alertness and visibility for long haul transports and demanding work conditions, safeguarding the cargo and surrounding traffic.


Bridging the needs between personal and professional use, our strobe lights for SUVs are adaptable and powerful. Whether for law enforcement, search and rescue, or emergency medical services, they provide reliable performance and visibility in every situation.

Specialty Vehicles

From ambulances and command centers to mobile incident units, our specialized LED Strobe Lights ensure that unique vehicles have the appropriate visibility and signaling capabilities to meet their operational standards and effectively serve their critical roles in the community.

Public Works Vehicles

Supporting the vital services provided by public works vehicles, our LED Strobe Lights enhance safety during roadwork, maintenance, or municipal projects. They aid in making sure these vehicles are clearly visible, promoting the safety of workers and the general public alike.

Each type of vehicle plays a crucial role in its respective field, and our LED Strobe Lights are designed to support their missions with superior visibility and safety. By equipping your vehicle with Extreme Tactical Dynamics' LED Strobe Lights, you are enhancing not only your safety but also the safety of those around you, no matter the scenario.

LED Strobe Lights By Color

Extreme Tactical Dynamics caters to a diverse array of needs across emergency services with our LED Strobe Lights available in multiple colors:


Integral for visibility, especially for tow trucks, construction, and utility services. These lights signal caution and mark the presence of slow-moving or stationary vehicles to prevent accidents and provide that added layer of safety in work zones and public roads.


The most urgent alert color available, predominantly utilized by fire departments and ambulance services. This color conveys critical emergencies, prompting immediate clearance from traffic and aiding in the rapid response necessary to save lives.


Signifying law enforcement activity, blue lights are essential during police operations. They establish control, signal authority, and highlight the presence of police actions, whether in traffic stops or emergency responses.


A multipurpose color that improves scene visibility and can be used alone for general illumination or combined with other colors to signal specific service types, providing the clarity and safety of emergency and non-emergency situations alike.


Represents command and coordination, primarily used by volunteer emergency services and in command vehicles. Green lights facilitate organization and response in large-scale incidents, marking command posts and leading coordination efforts.

Split and Combined Color Options:


A versatile combo serving multiple roles from security patrols to municipal services, enhancing operational clarity, particularly useful in diverse environments from urban to roadside assistance.


This combination is utilized by vehicles that balance between needing visibility and can indicate a non-primary emergency role, such as command centers or secondary response units, providing a distinct visual cue in multifaceted emergency scenes.


A unique signaling used under specific legal or operational conditions, often distinguishing special service vehicles or municipal utilities requiring distinct visibility beyond standard emergency color codes.


Applied in niche operations or by particular government sectors, these lights differentiate specific types of service or command within broader emergency or organizational contexts.


Common among emergency medical and fire service vehicles, blending intense alert with broad-spectrum visibility, supporting quicker and safer emergency response.


The definitive color used by law enforcement to signal urgent police activity, demanding high-priority public attention and immediate response.


Offers a balanced color scheme commonly employed by law enforcement and EMS, combining authority with clarity, suitable for varied emergency and law enforcement situations.


Best suited for specific non-emergency service vehicles like environmental services or park rangers, providing necessary visibility without signaling urgent danger, thus maintaining operational safety without causing undue public alarm.

Each color and combination within our LED Strobe Light range is carefully chosen to comply with industry standards and legal requirements, ensuring vehicles are appropriately equipped for both visibility and functionality in all operational contexts.

Strobe Lights By Flashing Patterns

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we prioritize the efficacy and safety of emergency vehicles through a diverse array of meticulously designed flash patterns. These patterns are not only developed to ensure visibility but also to facilitate effective communication in various emergency contexts, catering to the unique challenges faced by first responders.

Rapid Response Patterns

Tailored for urgent scenarios, these patterns provide efficiency during high-speed interventions. Ideal for ambulances and police vehicles, they cut through the visual noise, ensuring swift passage through congested traffic.

Pulsing Patterns

With their methodical sequence of flashes, these patterns are warriors of the road, equally effective at high speeds and stationary positions. They're the go-to for situations requiring prolonged attention, like roadside emergencies or construction zones.

Rotating Patterns

Echoing the reliable presence of the classic beacon light, these patterns are synonymous with the authoritative signal of emergency presence, highly recognized and respected by all road users. A perfect fit for fire trucks and rescue services during site operations.

Sweeping Patterns

Creating a panoramic alert that moves horizontally, these patterns are excellent for large area warnings, such as accident scenes or during wide-area search operations, providing visibility that commands attention from all angles.

Flashing Patterns

The quintessential signal for emergency services, customizable from daylight to night, these patterns are crucial for every type of emergency vehicle, ensuring they're noticed under any circumstances.

Steady Burn

This continuous light serves as a solid beam of light during static emergency operations, illuminating accident scenes or designating command posts, providing a constant source of light where it's most needed.

Arrow Patterns

Directional patterns are indispensable for traffic management, guiding civilians away from hazards or toward alternative routes, ensuring order and safety around the emergency zone.

Random Patterns

Designed to combat desensitization, these unpredictable sequences keep drivers alert and focused, crucial around unpredictable or chaotic emergency scenes.

Simulated Rotator Patterns

Merging retro charm with modern efficiency, these patterns are designed for those who prefer the traditional rotating light appearance while benefiting from LED technology, suitable for historical or small-town settings.

Intermittent Patterns

With clear breaks between signals, they create a heightened alertness, excellent for drawing attention in busy urban environments or during public events.

Strobe Patterns

Delivering high-intensity, rapid bursts, these are the ultimate urgency signals, reserved for the most critical situations where immediate attention is crucial, such as clearing paths for emergency transport.

Fading Patterns

For less intrusive yet still noticeable warnings, these patterns are ideal in sensitive areas like school zones or hospitals, minimizing stress while maintaining visibility.

Quad Flash Patterns

Offering a balanced tempo of visibility, these are designed for clarity and recognition, making them suitable for utility vehicles or roadside assistance, ensuring they are noticed without causing alarm.

Alternating Patterns

With lights dancing across different sectors of the vehicle, this pattern enhances the movement and directionality of the emergency vehicle, improving navigational cues for other road users, perfect for complex traffic scenarios or during pursuits.

By integrating these specialized flash patterns, we ensure that emergency service providers are equipped with the most effective visual tools tailored to their operational needs. Our commitment at Extreme Tactical Dynamics is to enhance both safety and efficiency, aiding in high-speed pursuits, effective traffic management, and secure scene control.

Strobe Lights For Sale At Extreme Tactical Dynamics

With innovation and steadfast dedication to safety, Extreme Tactical Dynamics proudly stands as your premier partner in emergency and service vehicle lighting. Our journey since 2005 has been fueled by a commitment to excellence, producing LED strobe lights that are not merely products but lifelines for professionals in demanding fields. With a focus on technological advancement, unparalleled quality, and a deep understanding of the operational challenges faced by first responder. As you continue to serve and protect, let our strobe light guides and guard you on your path, reinforcing our shared mission to make every response safer and every service operation more effective.

LED Strobe Lights
What kind of LED Strobe Lights are you looking for?

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Blaze Core 40 Visor Light Bar

This Visor light is absoloutly amazing. I can not believe the amount of light it puts out. I love the takedown option it is so bright. I also like that this cost a lot less than the competitor.


Enforcer 8 Dash Light

Thank you Extreme for great lights. I bought 3 of them. I hardwired them to my existing control box. I put one in the front dash and I put two in the rear deck of my POV. What amazing brightness.


Elemental 4 Surface Mount

I can not believe how bright this little lights are. I have 2 of them mounted behind my front grille. I can not look at them because they leave spots in my eyes every time I do. A very bright light for the price.