What kind of Hideaway Strobe Light Multi-Packs are you looking for?

Hideaway Strobe Light Multi-Packs

Why Choose a Hideaway Light Package?

For the great price...of course! Buying a hideaway strobe package with 4 or 6 lights will save you money because ETD buys bulk and passes on the savings to you. These stealth lights are always a great addition to your existing emergency vehicle light setup because they add an unbelievable amount of light output for the few inches of space they take up when installed. 24 Watts from a 1” light? Yes! That’s what you’ll get 4 or 6 times over! And best of all...You’ll go completely unnoticed until you ‘let These Babies GO!’

Hideaway LED Strobe Light Multi Packs for Personal and Emergency Vehicles

These exterior lights have polycarbonate housings and lenses which make them almost indestructible. They are 100% waterproof; included are rubber gaskets for permanent mounting. The lights are hardwired and can be synchronized with up to 20 other units. Each has at least 18 flashing strobe patterns with pattern memory and have built-in circuit board flashers. All come with color-coded wires making installation quick and easy.

The LED Hideaway 8 & 9 and the ANT6-3 & 6 are some of our smallest exterior lights and are made to...Hide Away! They are perfect for stealth operations, like undercover police work, and go virtually unnoticed even on the surface. But when turned on, they are amazingly bright because they are designed with 3-watt or 1-watt LEDs. They must be hardwired to an existing light system or switch and can alternate or synchronize with them.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Yes...that’s exactly what we do...time and time again! We have a specialized staff of customer service agents who will help you with any problem, advise you, and answer any questions you may have regarding hideaway lights, services, shipping, and more. It’s easy to contact us using your favorite social media or Live Chat. Our great lights meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry. We are proud of our products and proud to serve those who serve us!