What kind of Grille and Surface Mount Strobe Lights are you looking for?

Grille and Surface Mount Strobe Lights

Grille and Surface Mount LED Lights
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Why Choose this Type of Light?

VERY SMALL...but POWERFUL! That’s What YOU GET with a Surface Mount or Grille Light

ETD’s surface and grille led strobe lights can withstand all Mother Nature and YOU can throw at them. Heavy-duty housings of aluminum and polycarbonate protect the LEDs; polycarbonate lenses won’t crack or shatter even when installed on running boards. They are 100% waterproof because they are sealed with industrial-grade epoxy, and all come with mounting flanges and rubber gaskets that keep out moisture. Often a choice of black or chrome colored bezels which blend perfectly with manufacturer’s lights are available for the surface mount LEDs, so they aren’t even noticed as ‘add-ons.’ These rugged little bright, bright lights are especially designed to be installed in pairs on any flat surface!

Surface Mount and Grille LED Strobe Lights are perfect for undercover work because they are often no more than a few inches long, and can be mounted in out-of-the-way locations like fog light niches, grilles, roof racks, and fenders. They are the perfect Stealth Lights and won’t be seen until you hit the ON Switch! Then...WoW!...are you well seen when you blast your surroundings with 9 watts from a tiny 3” Halo, or 20 watts from a single PAR 36! Our small lights have a phenomenal light output, far superior to our competitors.

They are wired to existing light or siren systems so work in unison or alternate with them. As with all our lights, you choose the best color or split-color combination that best gets the job done. When you want a lot of light output, but don’t want your police vehicle lights to be prominent on your vehicle, then surface mount and grille lights are a great choice! These ‘little buddies’ give you a lot of high intensity light at very affordable prices.

We Stand Behind our Products

We recommend that you have an EVT professional install the emergency vehicle lights you buy, but if you want to do it yourself, check out our helpful Emergency Light Installation Guides. There are detailed instructions for your DYI project, photos, and videos to help you out, and always remember we’re right here to help you if you run into a snag. All our products come with standard industry warranties, and our LEDs are made to last 100,000 hours. ETD has a unique team of customer service reps who will answer any question that you may have.