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Visor Light Bar Advantages: Key Features and Benefits

Visor light bars for emergency vehicles have emerged as one of the most popular choices to be deployed for emergency vehicle lighting use.  These interior light bars enhance visibility, improve response times and increase safety.  LED visor light bars are compact and low profile.  They offer multiple flash patterns and feature an array of SAE class 1 LEDs.  Their discreet design allows for emergency vehicles and work trucks to maintain a professional appearance when not in use.  When activated they are at eye level of oncoming drivers and produce and deliver high power illumination that ensures for high visibility even in adverse weather conditions or during day time or night time operating conditions.

Emergency Visor Light Bars for multiple industries

Various industries including police departments, fire departments, volunteer first responders, EMS, tow trucks, work trucks, utility vehicles and security companies use these high powered bright LED visor emergency lights to get noticed.

Police – Law Enforcement

Police departments use Visor lights as an added layer of emergency vehicle lighting warning power or as a standalone lighting in undercover applications. Visor Lights in police cars are a great option if you want to be unmarked and discreet. Extreme Tactical Dynamics compact LED Visor Light Bars are the perfect fit for police cars and trucks.

Fire Departments and Volunteer firefighters

Fire departments and volunteer firefighters benefit from visor light bars due to their compact size. Volunteer fire fighters and first responders, who mostly use their personal vehicles or POV during emergencies, are able to have a emergency vehicle lighting setup that allows them to respond promptly while maintaining their day-to-day vehicle functionality.

Tow Trucks and Wreckers

Tow Trucks and wreckers operate in high traffic areas and a lot of time in bad weather conditions. It is of the upmost importance that their emergency vehicle warning lights provide great visibility and dependability. This is where the illuminating bright power of our LED Visor lights assist.

Construction, Work and Utility Trucks

Construction Trucks that are used on road construction projects, Utility trucks that are used by electric, phone companies etc. and Work Trucks used in municipalities and everyday use benefit tremendously from the discreet intense light from emergency visor lights. These lights reduce the risks to workers in the field from other motorists they do this by enhancing the visibility of these vehicles when in use and parked at a job site preventing accidents and promoting a safer working environment.

Security Vehicles

Security vehicles often like to remain outside of the traffic areas watching what's going on in the parking lot they are patrolling. Interior visor light bars make a great addition to their patrol vehicles so that they can remain at a distance but be extremely visible.

Low Profile Visor Light Bars in multiple colors

Visor light bars come in a variety of colors each serving their own purpose. The different colors and options convey different messages to the public. The color of our visor lights produced from our SAE class 1 LEDs enhance visibility of the first responders vehicle. Visor Lights come in solid colors, split colors, alternating colors, dual color, and tri color. Some have intense takedown light mode or Blaze mode from Extreme Tactical Dynamics turning the entire visor bar to intense white.

Blue Color Options

Blue lights are often associated with police vehicles and volunteer fire vehicles. Our blue visor light options are Blue, Blue White, Blue Amber.

Red Color Options

Red lights are typically used by Fire vehicles and police vehicles. Our red visor light options include Red, Red White, Red Blue, Red Amber

Amber Color Options

Amber Lights are primarily used in Tow, Construction, Utility and Work Vehicles. Our Amber visor light options are Amber, Amber White, Amber Red, Amber Blue, Amber Green.

Green Color Options

Green Lights are used in many industries. Our green options are green, green white, green amber.

White Color Options

White lights are used in almost all of the emergency industries as a secondary color our white lights come in White Red, White Blue, White Amber, White Green and also in solid white.

Dual Color Options

Dual Color Emergency Visor Strobe Lights offer versatility with dual color and multi color options. Dual color visor light bars can switch between 2 different colors. For Example a law enforcement dual color might be red and blue with the dual color option this would allow the visor light to operate in all red, all blue, or both colors. A volunteer firefighter may be required red lights and paramedic might require red and white. With dual color the firefighter could use red but if was going to a medical call could switch to red and white color. With the dual color options the first responder can customize their colors.

Solid, Split, or Alternating colors

Extreme Tactical Dynamics Visor Lights come in multiple color configurations. Solid colors mean that the entire light bar is lit one color on both sides. Split colors are by far the most popular option of color combinations and use one color on one side and the other color on the other side. Alternating colors mean exactly that the lights alternate colors on each side.

Take Down options

Adding takedowns as an option is a very popular choice. This allows for the two most internal LED light heads to use solid white as a color.


The rapid flashes of LED lights quickly attract attention, alerting motorists and pedestrians to the presence of an emergency situation. Visor lights can be selected to use a magnitude of different flashing patterns. This allows the first responder operator to tailor their light to their specific likes.

Installation and Mounting

The installation and mounting of LED Visor Lights on emergency vehicles requires attention to our instructions and safety precautions.   Proper placement ensures that these lights will be seen at the highest of intensity when in use.  One great advantage of visor lights is their ease of installation.  They are designed for straightforward and quick installation.  We provide installation instructions right on the product page for you to download.  By following our instructions emergency responders can ensure the proper installation and safe operation of our visor lights.

Accreditation and Certification

Our products are not just popular among the volunteers but also among industry bodies.  We use only certified SAE1 LEDs in our Visor Lights meaning that you are going to always have the brightest visor light according to testing standards.

Visor Light Frequently asked questions

Are LED Visor Light Bars Legal?

Yes LED Visor Light Bars are legal for use on vehicles however each state and some municipalities have their own laws and regulations that govern the rules of use of and color of Emergency Vehicle Lights.  You can check out the comprehensive state guide to laws in your state here.

What are the advantages of LED Visor Light Bars over other emergency vehicle lighting?

Brightness:  SAE1 LED’s produce intense and highly visible light output.  With visor lights the LEDs are compacted in there so you get a lot of warning power in a slim bar.

Compact Design:  Visor Lights are sleek, discreet and compact.  They allow for easy straightforward installation.

We Stand Behind Our Superior Products

Trust and reliability form the pillars Extreme Tactical Dynamics has been built on Our high-quality police lights meet or exceed California Requirements, SAE Guidelines etc. We take immense pride in providing LED Visor Lights to the first responder community.  Our quality control processes ensure that each product leaves our warehouse being able to handle the most challenging emergency situations.  We are not just a manufacturer of emergency vehicle lights but also a trusted partner to countless departments, agencies and US government.