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Visor Light Bars

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One great thing about LED visor lights is that they have intense light output with multiple flash pattern options, but they are not seen. That’s because they mount on the visors with straps or in place of them, with custom visor brackets, making them perfect undercover lights. They are quick to install; just plug in the power source to the cigarette lighter, and you’ll have the emergency vehicle lights you need! Visor Lights give you...Mega Instant Light...with virtually NO time spent on installation. They are a great choice! Buy your own pair; take them with you, no matter what you’re driving. That way...you’ll always have ALL the light you need at night on the job.

So...What are the Options?

BLAZE VISOR LIGHT, our newest addition, has taken visor light options to a stellar level! With its Shield of Light™, police officers not only have a 96 Watt ‘full-bar’ takedown light, but a wall of light to protect them when necessary. Options, you ask? Blaze is a also a traffic advisor, and has 26 flash patterns as well. When thinking ‘options’, it doesn’t get better than our new product! Check out the BLAZE Visor Light in action. But if that’s is more than you’re looking for, ETD has other LED visor light bars, too.

Our range runs from from 13” to 17” lengths and produce 33 to 90 watts of brilliant white, amber, red, blue, or green light. You choose the color or color combinations; you can make it an amber light bar, if you need one. The 13” Eagle Eye has a takedown light right in the middle of the bar; takedown lights are optional on the longer styles,too, but it’s a standard feature on Blaze. Easy to reach power controls are either on the back of the light, on a control panel, or on a cigarette lighter power plug-in.

You’ve Got Lots of Choices!

High-functioning visor lights come in all sizes and prices. If you want a lot of light, but don’t want a lot of visible emergency lights around your personal or professional unit, then ETD’s visor lights could really work for you. With the 17” Stealth Commander, you’ll flood an area with 90 watts of light that shine from the driver and passenger sides. That’s almost as much as a full size light bar. It’s a huge light output without permanent installation...NOW that’s a whole lot of light at your fingertips. Take them with you when you transfer to a different vehicle; they are easy to mount and demount.

We Stand Behind Our Superior Products

Our high-quality police lights meet or exceed California Requirements, SAE Guidelines, and the International IP-67 Standard. ETD honors industry warranties and is always ready to discuss our lights, our policies, in fact, any matter you have concerning the emergency vehicle lights that we sell. We just love to ‘talk lights’ and will help you configure individual set ups, as well. Contact us on our website or on your favorite social media network if you have any questions. We’re always here to help you choose just the right light or to answer any question you might have.