What kind of LED Dash Lights are you looking for?

LED Dash Lights

LED Dash Lights for Police & Emergency Vehicles

Why Should YOU Buy a Dash and Deck Light from ETD? That’s Easy to answer! Our Dash and Deck Interior LED Lights have powerful output and last 100,000 hours! They are quick and easy to install and are made ‘to fit’ on the front, back, or even on the side windows of your First-Responder vehicle. The suction-cup brackets and cigarette light power plug with control switches makes them quick to dismount and to re-installation no matter what you’re driving. They are versatile and bright. You can’t go wrong with a Dash and Deck LED Light from ETD!

Don’t Want Permanently Mounted Emergency Police Lights? No Problem! ‘Pop-ON’ the Dash and Deck lights right where you want them on the interior of your POV, then ‘pop’ them off when you don’t! ETD uses high-grade suction cups that stay put! Plug in the cigarette lighter power source with Hi/Lo options and flash pattern switches. It’s easy to reach and comes with long power cables for multiple interior placement positions. Dash and Deck Lights can be permanently installed, but they don’t have to be! If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, check out our visor lights.

We’ve Got What You’re Looking for!

ETD has Dash and Deck Lights from 6” to 40”; we’ve got the length you’re looking for. They use either Generation III (1-Watt) or Generation IV (3-Watt) LEDs which range in light output from 6 Watts to 78 Watts depending on the number of LEDs. Clear, high intensity LEDs shine bright through shatterproof polycarbonate TIR (Total Internal Reflection) or Linear-1 lenses. Takedown lights are optional additions (Unless you opt for BLAZE); all can be synchronized, and YOU customize and select the color options that work for you. Housings are made of industrial-grade aluminum or virtually indestructible polycarbonate which have removable/adjustable flashback shields that protect the eyes of anyone sitting inside the unit monitoring the surroundings. Whether you want a small strobe or a mega light bar with numerous flash patterns or something in between, ETD has the Dash and Deck Light you’re looking for.

We Stand Behind our Products

Our dash warning light products and LEDs come with standard industrial warranties and meet or exceed California requirements, SAE standards, and the I-P 67 International Standard for particle and moisture penetration. WE know you want an emergency vehicle light setup that’s fast, efficient, and reliable, and that’s exactly what we at ETD give our customers time and time again. And don’t forget...our specialized Customer Service Department is ready to answer any questions or to give you additional information regarding your purchases, installation procedures, or anything else concerning our products.