What kind of Dual Color Surface Mounts are you looking for?

Dual Color Surface Mounts

Dual Color Grille and Surface Mount Lights

The Signature Series Dual Color LED Grille and Surface Mount LED Lights use slim, but heavy-duty housings of aluminum and polycarbonate lens to protect the GEN IV 3 Watt LEDs. The Dual Color series, are unique in allowing the full length of the light to flash in two different colors, instead of splitting the colors between the two halves of the light. Available in all popular emergency vehicle light colors, the Signature Series Dual Color Grille and Surface Mount LED Lights are pre-programmed with 26 strobe patterns and memory, and wire easily into your new, or existing emergency vehicle light setup.

Why Choose Dual Color Grille and Surface Mount Lights

If you’re going to add grille and surface mount LED lights to your vehicle, you may as well take it up a notch and add dual color technology. Our dual color grille and surface mount lights are the real deal. The new technology allows you to opt for multi-color options that will come in handy on the road and don’t require you to commit to one, solid color.

Get Dual Color LED Surface Mount and Grille Lights at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we’re proud to offer you dual color LED surface mount and grille lights. Not only have we done the work to bring the best technology to the market, but we also have a quality inspection team that overlooks each product before it ships. Also, we offer an extended warranty on both the LEDs and components used to make this dual color led light possible. Call us today and we’ll help you choose what’s right for your vehicle.