What kind of Hideaway Strobe Lights are you looking for?

Hideaway Strobe Lights

LED Hideaway Strobe Lights

When you read ‘Hideaway’ or ‘Strobe Kits’, think CONCEALED because that’s what they are...TOTALLY OUT OF SIGHT! This group of lights are completely undetectable in headlights and tail lights, on ‘out-of-the-way’ places until switched on. Then...WOW!!! They are rapid-flashing strobe lights that are seen far and wide! Don’t be fooled by their small size; the high-intensity light is eye-squinting bright! Need powerful, undercover lights...these are exactly what you want!

Perfect for Volunteers...and Undercover Agents, too

Hideaways and Strobe Light Kits are perfect for volunteer police or fire personnel who don’t want their POVs to be decked out with obvious emergency vehicle lights. Switch them on, and you kick into ‘volunteer-mode’...when ‘off’, you’re back in your personal vehicle, lights totally out of sight. Undercover agents are impressed by the unexpected brilliant light output of the Hideaway-ANT6’s. Many departments have ordered them, and strobe kits, too, for their fleet vehicles because they are popular choices for government agencies that conduct surveillance operations. Either way, volunteer or agent, these lights are a great choice.

We Stand Behind Our Products

When you buy one of our lights, you get an added bonus. You get a service team and great warranties to back it up! We’re proud of what we sell, and we’re proud to offer the best products for the lowest possible prices!

ETD is always ready to serve our customers; that’s why we’ve included the Knowledge Base section where you’ll find complete installation guides for all our products. You’ll also find detailed information regarding each state’s emergency light regulations. If you have any questions about installation or concerning which light setup to purchase, just contact us on CHAT or on your favorite social media site. We’re here ready to help!