What kind of Interior / Exterior LED Light Bars are you looking for?

Interior / Exterior LED Light Bars

If you need removable, high-intensity, high-performance lights, then you want an Interior/Exterior LED Light Bar from ETD. Each of our products in this range is quick to mount and demount, ready to go into action in just minutes, and you can turn any vehicle into a highly visible emergency unit in a flash. We offer professional light setups for very reasonable prices. The Lynx Series would be the perfect emergency vehicle light choice for first-time volunteers who are just getting started. If you’re a ‘seasoned’ first-responder, ETD has the perfect addition to your light system, too.

Lots of Options

Highly versatile and taking just minutes to install, we surely have a light bar that will help you get the job done. And don’t forget, we sell full size light bars too. Start by checking out the smallest 9” at 24 watts...the selection goes all the way to our largest most powerful light of 144 watts at 39” long. Whether you want to permanently install the light, or move it from vehicle to vehicle, you’ve got that option. There are several solid color choice and split color combinations to choose from. Directing traffic? No problem, most of the light bars have the traffic pattern mode integrated into the flash patterns. Take a look at our wide selection; you’ll find just what you need!

Interior / Exterior LED Light Bars with Directional Traffic Advisor For Personal or Emergency Vehicles

Our selection comes with Generation III 1-Watt LEDs or Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs, with your choice of Total Internal Reflectivity (TIR) or Linear 1 lenses. You’ll receive all the components to quickly mount any light bar on the windows of the deck or dash areas of your POV or your professional response vehicle. The swivel design on the suction cup brackets insure a perfect fit. Depending on the model you get from 19 to 30 pre-programmed flash patterns; all models come with pattern memory. The cigarette lighter power plug with flash pattern and ON/OFF switches is a standard for all our models and a long power cord allows you to put the light bar anywhere you want.

We Stand Behind Our Products We value our customers and take pride in our Emergency Vehicle Lighting Products, so it’s easy to offer standard 2-year industry warranties for all the products that we sell, and our LEDs carry 5-year limited warranties because they are made to last 100,000 hours. We love to receive reviews and videos of the products you’ve bought from us, so keep them coming. And always remember, if you have a problem of any kind, or if you’d like more information about a product, contact us on our website or on your favorite social media. We’re ready to serve you!