LED Dash Light Frequently Asked Questions

At ETD, we’re committed to enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions. If you’re on the hunt for dash lights, and you’ve got questions, hopefully, you’ll find the answers on this useful FAQ page.

Why are emergency dash lights used?

Emergency lights are used by first responders to issue warnings, assist pedestrians and motorists and promote safety on the streets and highways. These lights are commonly used by police officers who attend road incidents, as well as those carrying out street patrols. If you want to park up to talk to people on the sidewalk or you’re helping a stranded driver at the side of the road, for example, you can use your lights to show people where you are and let them know what you’re doing. The nature of emergency work means that no two scenarios are the same, and dash lights can be used in a diverse range of settings.

When should I use emergency dash lights?

Dash lights are used widely by emergency services and construction and security workers. They are also a popular option for volunteers due to the portability and the ease of installation and removal. These lights can come in handy in a range of different situations and environments. They are useful for attracting attention to the vehicle, but they can also be used to provide light for working in the dark. If you’ve pulled a vehicle over on the highway and visibility is poor, you can use your warning light to alert other drivers to your presence, encourage them to avoid both your car and the vehicle you’ve pulled over, and provide enough light to enable you to work safely and efficiently. These products are ideal for volunteers and for departments that have fleets of vehicles, as they can be removed very quickly and they can be moved from one vehicle to another. Emergency lights are designed for use in situations where first responders need to move quickly, they need to alert others to potentially hazardous situations and they need to make areas safe.

What do I need to provide to buy red and blue dash lights?

There are various rules and laws governing the use of emergency lights. Before you buy any type of warning light, it’s essential to check the regulations in your state. Emergency lights are available to the public, but they can only be used by certain groups of people. Blue and red lights are synonymous with the emergency services and can typically only be employed by fire, police and ambulance departments in addition to some government organizations. If you wish to purchase and use red and blue warning lights, you may need to display ID that confirms your name and role.

Why can’t anyone use LED dash lights?

It’s important that emergency lights are used by the right people at the right time. If anyone was able to use warning lights, there would be a lot of confusion related to which vehicles are used for emergencies. Emergency lights are designed to protect both first responders and the people they assist, and without regulations, safety may be compromised.

What is a police dash light?

Dash lights are portable lights, which can be attached to the dash, the back window or the windshield. These lights are commonly used by police vehicles to draw attention to their vehicle, warn motorists and pedestrians and secure areas following an incident. There are many different types of lights that can be used by police forces.

What are the best LED dash lights for police cars?

We stock an array of LED dash lights, which is suited to police vehicles and volunteer POVs. One of our most popular products for police vehicles is the Fox Trot 16 Linear LED dash light. This is an incredibly powerful light, which can be modified to work as a visor light for undercover work. With 48-watts of power and 30 flash patterns, you’ll have access to everything you need at the flick of a switch.

What is a good dash light for firefighters?

Firefighters need to react and respond quickly. When you’re in a hurry, easy installation is essential, and this is why we recommend the Fox Trot 8 LED dash light. This small but mighty light offers 24 watts of pulsating colored light with various split and full color options available and 30 flash patterns to choose from. This light can also be synced with other Fox Trot lights to increase the power to 72 watts and it’s very easy to use.

Where can I buy the best dash lights?

At ETD, we stock a wide range of LED dash lights that are suited to police cars, fire trucks, security vans and auxiliary vehicles. You can order online or via the telephone. Our expert team has sourced the best products on the market, and we stock an array of brands and models including Fox Trot, Ranger and Enforcer, at affordable prices.

Who makes the brightest emergency dash lights?

There’s a huge range of dash lights available and power output varies from 12-watts to 72-watts. If you’re looking for the brightest lights, the Ranger Quad Linear LED dash and deck light is an excellent option. We also recommend the Enforcer 12 TIR LED dash light, the most powerful light in the Enforcer range.

How much do LED dash lights cost?

The cost dash lighting varies according to the make and model you buy. Some lights are more basic than others, and generally speaking, the more sophisticated the product, the higher the price. For an entry-level, everyday light like the Enforcer 4, you’ll pay less than $30. For a more complex and versatile product, like the Ranger Quad LED dash and deck light, you’ll pay just over $100. We have LED lights to suit every budget, and our service team will be happy to make recommendations based on how much you want to spend.

What are the best cheap LED dash lights?

If you’re looking for cheap LED dash lights and you want a great product at a low price, we recommend the Enforcer 4 TIR LED dash light. At just $26, this is one of the most affordable emergency lights we stock. It’s ideal for volunteers and those who require a reliable light that is suitable for daily use.

How do you turn on emergency dash lights?

Once you’ve plugged the power cable into the cigarette lighter and positioned the light, you can activate it using a control switch. The switch or control box (depending on the product on you buy) will enable you to turn the light on and customize the flash pattern. You can also synchronize different types of lights and sirens.

How do you install an LED dash light?

Most LED dash lights can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and then attached to the dash or the window using powerful suction cups. If you have a long power cable, you can position the unit almost anywhere in the vehicle. This particular type of light is designed for easy installation so that they can be used at short notice without delay, so you should find that it takes seconds to get your vehicle ready. If you need any help with installation, we have some great guides in our Knowledge Base section.

How do you hardwire a police dash light?

You can hardwire a police light by removing the cigarette lighter, exposing the red and black wires and connecting the black wire to the negative terminal on your battery. The red wire is then attached to the source switch.

How can I find out more about installation?

If you need advice about installation or activation, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or check out our install guides in the ‘Knowledge Base’ section.

So Which product should I buy?

There is no universal answer to this question, as one buyer may have a completely different set of requirements to another. We have a wide range of dash lights to suit different types of vehicles and cater for all budgets. It’s wise to consider the type of work you undertake, the hours you work and your budget when you’re looking for the ideal dash light for your vehicle. One product may be much better suited to a customer than another. If you’ve got a budget in mind, use this to narrow down the options, and then read up on the features each light offers. We have lights that are available in different sizes, we stock lights that range from 12 watts to 72 watts and you can choose from varying numbers of flash patterns and different color options. If you’re struggling to make a decision or you need advice about which LED light would suit you best, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer questions and make tailored product recommendations. You can also check our LED Dash light buying Guide for more information.

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