What kind of Grille and Surface Mount Light Multi-Packs are you looking for?

Grille and Surface Mount Light Multi-Packs

LED Grille and Surface Mount Light Multi-Packs

ETD offers its customers even more savings on the Undercover 6 & 8, Orion 3 & 4, and the E-24 & E-36 surface mount lights when bought in packs of 4, 6, and 10. If you’re thinking about outfitting your first-responder vehicle with more lights, or if you’re a volunteer who is just getting started, our grille and surface mount bulk packages will give you the most light for the lowest prices. Why? When you buy in bulk from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we pass the savings on to you. As you browse through the packages, be sure you look at the mounting option photos on the product pages.

LED Grille and Surface Mount Light Multi Packs for Personal and Emergency Vehicles

Because our surface mount lights are sealed with industrial-grade epoxy and 100% waterproof and made of durable, shatterproof polycarbonate, you never have to worry about mounting them too high or too low on your unit. These tough little emergency vehicle lights are dependable, long lasting and very high intensity. The E-36 has 18 watts; now image 10 of these placed strategically around your emergency vehicle. Don’t need 10? Share with a friend, and it’s a WIN-WIN deal!

Why Choose Surface Mount Packs?

The best reason of all is that you get so much high-intensity light for a great price...and these little surface mount LEDs blend in on the grilles, bumpers, or surface of your vehicle, so they are perfect for undercover work. When you put them on your POV, they remain unnoticed and are virtually out of sight until you hit the switch and go into full-blown volunteer mode. Our grille light value packs can save you from $5 to $30 depending on which one you choose; they include exterior lights that are under 6” long and can be mounted on any flat surface including tool boxes and fenders. When combined with our range of visor lights, they provide the perfect undercover setup.

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