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Emergency Vehicle Lights

Most of the firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers we know get excited about emergency vehicle lights. We do too! We understand this gear is a needed part of your job and vital to the safety of a community. We have learned to expect what people just like you want and need from their lights and have built our business around it. Here you will learn:

  • Who uses emergency vehicle lights?
  • The most common emergency vehicles on the road
  • The type of warning lights Extreme Tactical Dynamics specializes in

What are Emergency Vehicle Lights?

Warning,” “caution,” or “utility,” no matter what you call it, this type of lighting falls under the emergency category. Emergency vehicle lights are visual warning gear used on vehicles when drivers need to alert others of urgency. Most people think only police, fire, and EMS use this types of devices, but the truth is you see these types of lights on all sorts of vehicles without realizing it. Emergency lights are used to provide warning of hazard or urgency on the road. Cars or trucks driven by emergency personnel include; cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. Some states also see volunteer firefighters or EMS cars and trucks as emergency vehicles. Similar lighting is used by other careers as well, but usually in a different way. For the sake of this article, we will just focus on the types of vehicles and lights used by police, fire, and EMS.

Emergency Vehicles Use Emergency Lights

The reason you may not notice warning lights in use by other vehicles besides first responders is because of color. With fire, police, and EMS emergency lighting is some combination of red, blue, or white. Tow trucks, park rangers, and similar careers may also use this type of gear, but in less noticeable colors.

First responders need lights on their cars or trucks because an emergency could happen anytime. When a call comes in, first responders have to pop on their lights and move traffic fast. This means the vehicle will travel at high rates of speed, so they count on people recognizing red or blue lights as that of emergency response and quickly getting out of the way. With this type of gear on their rides, responders can travel fast while creating awareness, visibility, and safety at the same time.

Emergency Vehicle Categories

First responders use emergency vehicles, but some are better known than others. Below, we will go over different types of vehicles used by police, fire, and EMS. Keep in mind this is just a brief overview of department vehicles.

Police Emergency VehiclePolice Emergency Vehicles

Patrol cars are everywhere, but not everyone knows that police departments use a variety of different vehicles. The most popular police cars include:

The types of vehicles a department has in their fleet is depends upon need and location. Not all agencies will have the vehicles listed above, and some may have cars or trucks not listed. Just like not all units have the same modes of transportation not all use the same model vehicles either.

Fire Emergency VehicleFire Department Vehicles

The fire truck belongs to the fire department, but these agencies also have a variety of other vehicles in their fleet. Other fire department vehicles can include:

  • Aerial trucks
  • Wildland trucks
  • Heavy rescue vehicles
  • Command vehicles
  • Tanker trucks
  • Brush fire trucks
  • Crane trucks
  • Pumper trucks
  • Dive/Marine rescue truck
  • Animal rescue truck

Not all fire departments will have these trucks, and some departments have more. No matter what type of fire trucks a unit uses, they will likely have lights installed.

EMS Emegency VehiclesEMS Vehicles

The most recognized EMS vehicle is the ambulance. But, EMS departments also have other cars or trucks in their fleet. Other EMS vehicles include:

  • Patient transport ambulances
  • Bariatric ambulances
  • Response units (Fly cars)
  • Charity ambulances
  • Air ambulances

Types of Emergency Vehicle Lights

With so many different types of emergency vehicles on the road, it is no surprise there are many emergency lights to choose from in our online store. Although the emergency vehicles mentioned above may be used in difference capacities by varying agencies the fact is they can and do all use them. We have created the lights in our inventory to meet the needs of first responders all over the world. The most common emergency vehicle lights used today include:

Click here for more information on mounting and color choices for emergency lights.

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