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Popular Off Road Lights for Pickup Trucks

Some trucks have to drive off road for necessity. This involves the kind of work that often explores different terrains and the ability to navigate difficult conditions. Numerous occupations involve some element of off road work, including work involving the rural community, emergency…


Why Are Police Lights Red and Blue

The fact that police lights are red and blue is something that most of us just accept. We’re so used to red and blue being chosen, we don’t pause to think about why those two colors particularly — from a huge spectrum of…


Surface Mount Lights are getting slimmer and brighter

Slim Surface Mount LED Light

As technology advances, you can bet that everything is going to get smaller, slimmer and better. Just take a look at how big mobile phones used to be and how clunky they were. They’ve turned from bricks into small, stylish and compact devices…


All the Advantages of an Emergency LED Dash Light

Emergency LED dash lights are used commonly by police officers, firefighters and volunteer first responders. The beauty of dash lights is that they give you flexibility. You can access bright light at the flick of a switch without mounting permanent lights on your…


Mini Light Bars are Perfect for Construction Company Vehicles

Anyone who is worked in construction or indeed who runs a construction business will tell you how important lighting is in this industrial sector. Lighting is crucial to ensure that jobs are completed to the highest quality level possible and that the work…


Putting Together A Police Light Package

Police Light Packages

Police officers are required to undertake a vast range of tasks, and this is why it’s beneficial to have access to a broad spectrum of emergency vehicle lights. No two days are the same when you’re a police officer or a volunteer, and…


Which Emergency Siren should you choose?

Emergency sirens play a key part in the role and activity of every emergency response team from paramedics to the police. Sirens alert people that an emergency vehicle is approaching through oncoming traffic. As well as this, they signal to people at the…


The Evolution of the Humble Police Car

Evolution of the Police Car

With sirens blaring and emergency lights flashing, no one wants to be speeding down a road with a police car hot on their tail. If you ever see a police car flashing their lights at you with their siren on full blast, then…


Top 5 Emergency Vehicle Lights for Volunteers

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we sell an extensive range of emergency vehicle lights and suitable for full-time first responders and volunteers. Thousands of people in the US offer their time and skills to boost emergency services and respond to large-scale incidents. If you’re…


10 Quick Questions Before Buying Your First LED Light Bar

If you’re looking to turn a car or SUV into an emergency vehicle, LED light bars are likely to be on your shortlist of possible additions. They are known for their affordability and easy installation properties. Moreover, they provide the type of light…

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