What kind of LED Dash Light Multi-Packs are you looking for?

LED Dash Light Multi-Packs

We’ve put together packs of 2, 3, & 5 of our most popular LED dash lights and passed on the savings to YOU! The Mini Strobe, LED Dual, and Extreme Dash Light are included here along with everything you need to install these emergency vehicle lights on your car or truck. If you’ve been thinking of adding more light, but didn’t want to make it permanent, these multi-packs are just what you’ve been waiting for. They are easy to install with suction cup brackets when you are called out, and perfect for volunteer first responders. Why pay more than you have to for quality dash lights that light up an area that keep you safe while you’re doing your job? Why wait?

LED Dash Light Multi Packs for Personal and Emergency Vehicles

These interior lights can be attached to any window front, back, or sides with suction-cup brackets; all lights in each bundle come with flashback shields that protect the eyes of those sitting inside. They are very quick to install by popping the light into place with the cups, then plugging the power source into the cigarette lighter power plug with ON/OFF and flash pattern switches. All come with long cords that will reach any window.

Why Choose a Dash Light Package?

Deciding to buy a multi-pack of quick and easy to install dash lights makes sense especially if you want your own personal ‘arsenal’ of high intensity lights with you all the time no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving! You’ll be well lit on the road in all weather conditions because you aren’t dependent on anyone else supplying your light setup. Stay safe and ALWAYS have all the light you need with you!

We Stand Behind Our Products

Serving our customers well is our top priority, that’s why we have a specialized customer service department with experts ready to answer any question about the kinds of emergency vehicle lights that are right for your car or truck, installation help, or help with a dash light you just received from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. Just take a look at our About US section, and you’ll find just the person to contact personally if you have a problem or a question. Our team is on hand to help you out in any way it can.