LED Light Bar Buying Guide

A brief introduction to LED light bars

An LED light bar serves an important purpose for those who operate or drive emergency and utility vehicles, providing reliable light sources for vehicles involved in rescue operations, patrols and monitoring, construction and surveillance, and they cater for every eventuality. We stock a wide range of LED light bars for a broad spectrum of vehicles, and we are confident that we have the right product for you.

LED bulbs offer a wealth of advantages in comparison to other types of lighting, and this is why LED light bars are a popular choice for emergency vehicles, and are commonplace now. LED bulbs are efficient, they are small and discreet, they last a lot longer than other bulbs, and they are also durable. As an emergency or utility vehicle driver, you may find yourself in all kinds of different situations, and you may encounter difficult terrain, adverse weather conditions and harsh environments. Although LED light bars may be more expensive than other options, they represent better value for money over a prolonged period of time.

If you’re looking for an LED light bar, we have a range of options suitable for every circumstance. Whether you need powerful lighting from a full-size light bar or you’re searching for a compact mini light bar, this buyer’s guide aims to help you find the best product.

Our LED light bars

We are proud to be a leading supplier of emergency light bars, and our inventory caters for a broad selection of vehicles. Our range includes:

Off Road Light Bars

If you’re driving an off-road vehicle, safety is of paramount importance. Our off-road LED light bars are specially designed to weather the elements and provide powerful light options away from the highways and well-trodden tracks. Light bars illuminate areas to make them safer, but they also enable emergency services and recovery drivers to do their job more effectively. In some scenarios, the ability to act quickly in a safe manner can make the difference between life and death. We provide LED light bars for a range of vehicles, from construction and utility vehicles and ATVs to emergency vehicles and tow trucks, providing light for scenarios that may range from staying safe while working late on a construction site to attending the scene of an accident. We have bars of all sizes and a selection of power options. Choose from bars that feature 4-100 LED bulbs with 3, 5 or 10-watt capacity. Off-road LED light bars span up to 50 inches, and they can be mounted on bumpers, racks, roofs and grills. We also sell spotlights, floodlights and hybrids that can be incorporated into the light bar.

Visor Light Bars

Visor light bars are a discreet option, which can be employed in scenarios such as traffic monitoring and policing the roads. Visor lights provide a substantial amount of light, but they cannot be seen. Mounted onto the visor, these LED light bars are easy to install and operate, and they give you the option to benefit from a light source wherever you are. Our range of visor light bars features models measuring 13-17 inches and amber, white, red, green and blue bulbs. Visor light bars are an ideal solution for those who need access to powerful lighting without being surrounded by emergency lighting. Power options run up to 90 watts.

Mini Light Bars

LED mini light bars are ideally suited to police vehicles, as they are compact, fast-acting and powerful. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to stop a vehicle quickly or capture the attention of drivers, a mini LED light bar will give you the light you need. A very popular option for police officers, mini LED light bars can also be beneficial for firefighters, construction and tow truck drivers and security personnel. The smallest light bar we stock measures just 9 inches, but it provides up to 48-watts of power. The bars are easy to install, and they adhere to the vehicle via magnetic force. A mini light bar is functional and versatile. If you need light in a hurry, you can simply attach the 360-light to the vehicle, plug it in and you’ll have light instantly. Our mini LED light bars feature transparent polycarbonate TIR lenses, which generate a single beam of light. Mini LED light bars are portable and easy to use, and they adapt to all kinds of different scenarios and environments.

Full Size Light Bars

Measuring up to 48 inches in length, our full size LED light bars generate up to 80 watts of bright light. The full size light bar is a powerful, durable, waterproof product, which can benefit a wide range of professionals. Our full size LED light bars comprise either TIR or Linear 1 lenses, both of which are fabricated using hard-wearing, shatterproof polycarbonate, and they can be powered by a cigarette lighter outlet or a control box. Although full sized light bars are strong, robust and substantial, they are sleek and aerodynamic. Brackets are included for those who wish to mount the light bar permanently and there are multiple flash patterns available. LED bulbs come in green, blue, white, amber and red. Full size police light bars provide intense lighting and they have 360-degree visibility. If you need the most powerful light source possible on a dark, cold and wet night, a full size bar may be the best choice for you.

Deck and Dash Lights

If you’re looking for a versatile, bright LED light for your first responder or emergency vehicle, our deck and dash lights may be ideal for you. These lights are easy to fit, they are portable,  and they last up to 100,000 hours. Deck and dash lights are designed to fit on the front, back or sides of the vehicle and they’re easy to fit or dismount when you’re on the go. Our deck and dash lights range in size from 6-40 inches with a power range of 6-78 watts. You can choose whether to install your lights permanently or fit them as and when you need them. These light bars feature toughened polycarbonate TIR or Linear-1 lenses and the housing is made from high-grade aluminium. There is also an adjustable flashback shield to protect your eyes if you’re operating the unit.

Factors to consider when buying an LED light bar

When you’re looking for an LED light bar, there are various factors you may wish to consider. It’s always a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons, compare models and prices and consider how you plan to use your light bar before you make a decision. Here are some factors that may affect your decision:

Which size to buy
The length of light bars varies hugely from less than 10 inches to more than 50 inches, so it’s wise to consider which size would suit your needs best. Mini LED light bars are ideal for those who only need a light bar occasionally while full size light bars are suited to larger vehicles and professionals who require the most powerful light source. When choosing a new LED light bar, consider the size of the vehicle, the role of the vehicle and the power output. Mini light bars are more flexible and they travel wherever you do, while full-size light bars are ideal for vehicles that are in constant or frequent use.

Interior vs. exterior
Exterior light bars are ideally suited to larger emergency vehicles and construction and tow trucks. If you use a light bar as a warning or to light the way for other vehicles as primary functions, it’s likely that external light bars will be a better choice for you. Interior light bars, which can be fitted to the dash, can be installed quickly and very simply and they are fantastic for volunteer first responders and police vehicles, which need to operate discreetly until the time is right to flick the lights on and take action. Exterior lights are also more appropriate in scenarios when the function and type of vehicle needs to be made clear to other road users, for example, a tow truck traveling down the highway to recover a vehicle.

Beam angle
Different types of beam are suited to different scenarios. Some LED light bars offer both flood and spot lighting, but not all do. Spot beams are ideal for driving in the dark, while floodlights are suited to construction or accident sites when you need to illuminate a certain area. If your work is varied, a bar that boasts both capabilities may be the best option.

When you buy an LED light bar, you want to ensure that it’s going to stand the test of time. Our LED light bars are made using high-quality materials, which are designed to withstand environmental challenges and provide the light you need wherever you are. We deal with first responders and professionals from the emergency services, construction and recovery industries on a continual basis and we have carefully selected products that are hard-wearing, functional, versatile, and most importantly, effective. We understand that the nature of first response work means that vehicles are required to tackle potentially difficult terrain, and our light bars are designed with strength and endurance in mind.

We cater for a wide range of professionals using a broad spectrum of vehicles in an array of different settings, so versatility is key. Our light bars are suitable for unpredictable scenarios and effective for jobs that change on a daily basis. Some people benefit from having a permanent light bar, but not everyone needs this kind of product, and this is where our versatile range comes in useful. If you’d rather have a portable, flexible light bar for your vehicle, you may find that a mini LED light bar that can be fitted, plugged in and utilized in seconds, suits you better than a full size light bar.

Budget plays a role in most decisions we make. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of LED light bars that cater for all budgets, from ultra-affordable light bars to the latest, state of the art models.

Which LED light bar is best for me?

There is no universal answer to this question, and it’s worth doing some research to aid the decision-making process. There are many different sizes out there and some will be more suited to you than others. Every customer is different, and there are several factors that may affect the decisions you make. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is how you plan to use the light, as this will help you to ascertain which type of bar light is best for you. You should also consider the size, the power output and the environments in which you work. The nature of your day to day job will probably have the most significant influence on the type of light you buy, but it’s also worth bearing price, durability and the ability to customize the bar in mind. Once you know which type of LED light bar you want, we can recommend options and additional features to tailor the product to suit your individual needs.