What are the Benefits of a Multi Colored LED Light Bar for Emergency Vehicles

What are the Benefits of a Multi Colored LED Light Bar for Emergency Vehicles?

Emergency vehicles need to be fitted with the correct lights to make sure that they are able to travel safely during an emergency situation. There are numerous rules and regulations that are in place per country and per state. In this extensive guide, we are going to focus on multi-colored LED light bars specifically. We will help you to understand what this product is, as well as the different options, for example, police car lights, red and blue police lights, LED dash lights, amber light bar products, and more. If you have any queries about any of these products or you would like some assistance when choosing the right lights for your vehicle, we are ready and waiting to assist you at Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

The use of multi color light bars on emergency vehicles

Warning lights are used on vehicles for emergency services because they provide a vital safety function by warning road users for a hazard that is ahead. They also provide warning in situations whereby emergency vehicles need to be given priority, with other traffic moving out of the way. This ensures that any incidents can be responded to in a rapid and safe way.

Sadly, though, for some organizations and companies warnings lights can be seen as just another cost. Because of this, and especially in the current climate, it can be tempting to purely go for the cheapest option. However, this cannot only cause safety to be jeopardized but it can also result in high maintenance products, unreliability, and poor performance, all of which can cause a greater lifetime expense than what you first thought.

The use of LED lights

LED-based emergency lighting has become very popular for the police, ambulance, and fire industries, including a number of other emergency sectors. There are a number of different reasons why this is the case. Light-emitting diodes are small in size. They are also long-lasting, efficient in terms of power, and they have a fully solid state. Not only do they boast all of these qualities, but they can be seen in sunlight and at great distances as well.

LED-based light bars tend to use a colorless and clear dome because the color of light is an intrinsic property of the LEDs themselves. These bars can be made very thin. This can result in the reduction of wind resistance by approximately eight to 10 percent. They can also be made very flat too. As well as being used in emergency situations, they can also be used in a number of novel applications too. This is why there is such an extensive selection of products on the market today.

LED lights tend to be utilized in a mode that is very much like the traditional strobe lights. Nevertheless, they can be programmed with a number of different flash patterns due to their ability to be switched directly by the electronics. This is opposed to the capacitor being discharged by a tube that is filled with gas. It is also worth pointing out the fact that LED lights create a small amount of heat in use.

This is an industry that is being advanced and worked on all of the time. Every day, people are trialling different experiments and conducting research to improve the LED lighting solutions that are on the market. Because of this, we will see more and more products released and advancements. This is why it is advised for emergency services organizations to make sure that they keep up-to-date with all of the latest legislations and regulations.

The different advantages of multi color light bars

If you want to experience complete functionality, you need to look into the different benefits associated with the multi color features. These products make a vehicle ready for anything, ensuring that it is as dynamic as possible. Flashing warning lights can be used in any type of situation that could happen on the road.

With a multi color LED light bar, you are going to essentially get two products in one. You get a traffic advisor and a flasher. The cost-efficient solution gives you all of the tools that are required while you are on the road. This ensures that all emergency vehicles are ready to adapt to any situation, and isn’t this what an emergency vehicle is all about?

These are just some of the different scenarios you will be able to attend to:

  • Increasing visibility on any sort of vehicle
  • Emergencies and accidents
  • Pilot cars
  • Crowd control
  • Towing to protect a vehicle
  • Directing traffic at a construction site

These are just a number of different examples, and a premium quality multi color light bar can help you to adapt to all of them.

Why should you go for LED when it comes to multi colored emergency bar lights?

There are a lot of different considerations that need to be made when purchasing a light bar, beacon, or directional warning light. The first thing to think about is the light source. While halogen lamps do not cost much, their lifespan is very limited. Because of this, they will only last for roughly 2,000 hours. This may seem like many hours. However, this can only equate to around a few months of life in applications whereby warning lights are used for long periods of time, which is the case for emergency vehicles. This can cause a considerable amount of disruption, particularly when these lights are mounted onto high vehicles. Plus, the limited light output that comes with Halogen light sources usually requires the utilization of rotator assemblies so that the light source is directed effectively. This results in an added noise source situated in the hearing range of the operator, as well as further maintenance being required too. The bad news continues because a significant amount of power is needed for the rotator assembly and halogen lamp. This can be a big concern if your emergency vehicle is stationary and the engine is not running.

An alternative solution, and a more effective one, is to use a strobe light source. When compared with halogen sources, strobes are a lot more powerful. This means that noise and maintenance requirements are reduced, and the need for a rotating assembly is avoided too. However, there are still a few drawbacks. This includes the fact that strobe technology is also power hungry and the life of the light source is limited as well.

So, what are your other options? Well, there is LED technology, and there are a lot of benefits associated with going for LED multi color light bars for emergency vehicles. LED technology can be used to create light in a number of different colors, including red, blue, and white, which are the colors that are most frequently in emergency situations.

There are a lot of different benefits that are associated with LED technology over the other options that are available today. One of the main benefits is the working life of this technology. This is typically around 50,000 hours, which is much more than the halogen that we discussed earlier. This means that your maintenance intervals are going to be a few years rather than just a few months, and this is imperative for the emergency services industry.

You can also switch LED lights on and off at quick speed without the life of the technology being impacted. This enables silent operation. You also have a number of different flash patterns to select from as well.

When you are thinking about the different LED multi colored light bars on the market today, you need to take care to make certain that you invest in quality. LED technology has advanced considerably over the years. The products that are available today as part of the current generation produce a lot more light and they also have a longer lifespan as well.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that both LED life and light output are both extremely dependent on the drive circuitry’s quality and the LED chips’ thermal management. In hot environments, warning lights are often used, and they can end up being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Quality of design is, therefore, critical to ensure a trouble-free and long life. An effective way of evaluating the quality of LED lights is to think about the length of the warranty that is available.

Supreme energy efficiency with multi colored LED light bars

Another important thing that we need to consider when it comes to LED lights is the energy efficiency. This is far superior. When compared with the other emergency vehicle lights that are available, LEd technology is much more environmentally-friendly. In fact, LEDs use around 75 percent less energy when compared with incandescent bulbs. When compared with Xenon flash tubes, 60 percent less energy is used. Not only is this level of energy efficiency better in terms of the environment, but you are also going to be able to save a considerable amount of money as well. This is important for emergency service providers, as they are on tight budgets and they need to allocate their spend effectively.

Police light colors that are used in the United States

As we touched upon in the introduction, the most popular police light colors that are used in the U.S. are blue and red. A lot of agencies across the United States also utilize white lights for the purpose of offsetting the conventional blue and red. White, and sometimes amber, are colors that can be deemed optional emergency vehicle lights. Again, this depends on the state you are operating in. It is your obligation to make certain that the lights you use are legal for the state you are in.

The vast majority of police vehicles across the United States will have some type of red lights on their truck, SUV, or car. In the U.S., red lights that are forward-facing, like those that are utilized in a dash or grille light, are typically only permitted for use on emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and police cruisers.

In terms of the color blue, this is exclusive to first responders. This is a symbol that is associated with the police. If you see any cop car within the United States, you will typically see some form of blue lighting, irrespective of the state. Paramedics and firefighters could also use blue lights on their cars and trucks too. The same manner in which it would be unusual to spot a police vehicle with just red lights, it would be weird to see the same car with blue lights only too. Nearly all of the police cars and trucks out there are going to use a mixture of both blue and red lights on any car in their fleet.

What about the color white? Well, when it comes to police cruisers across the United States, white is the most popular optional color. It is rare that white is going to be the only color on an emergency light, such as a light bar, except for fog lights or wigwags. Blue and red light bars tend to typically use white lighting purely for alley lights and takedown lights.

While there are some police departments that also utilize amber lights on cruisers, state statutes typically mandate that lights that are amber face the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, most of the traffic advisors that are installed on the rear of law enforcement cars only utilize yellow lights for the purpose of directing traffic away from the scene in question.

Getting emergency LED lights for fire trucks

There are also a number of different rules and regulations that are in place for those working in the fire department as well. It is imperative that fire trucks have long-lasting, dependable, and high-powered LEDS, which use a steady yet bright light so that any disaster zone is illuminated effectively.

When an incident happens at night, nothing is more critical than light. First responders need to have the right amount of light in order to do their jobs effectively.

Strobing lights are not only vital but they are obligatory when it comes to vehicles that are as big as fire trucks, which tend to be speeding through the streets when an emergency strikes. This is why your choice of emergency LED light bar needs to be considered with a great amount of care.

Fire trucks need to be extremely visible to motorists so that all vehicles can move out of the way of these big fire trucks. Mounting a number of different full-size light bars around the perimeter of the triple or double size cab of these big trucks is a common use for these lights. If you are not sure regarding the right sort of multi colored emergency light bars for you, our friendly and experienced team is here to provide you with the help and assistance that you require. All you need to do is give us a call.

What about the laws and legislation concerning fire truck lights? White and red lights are used on fire engines and any SUVs or trucks used at fire departments. You may sometimes find the occasional single blue fire light somewhere on the back of the fire truck.

You are advised to read up on the rules and regulations that are in place in the state that you are based in. Not only is this going to dictate the color of the light that you should use, but also where the light should be placed. There are also rules and regulations that are in place that control the use of lights when going to an emergency and also when returning from one.

Ambulance light colors that are used in the United States

There are a number of different factors that need to be considered when it comes to multi colored LED lights for the emergency services industry. In terms of ambulance light color, while it is important, the conspicuity of the lights is even more crucial. It is imperative that the lights contrast with the surroundings. This is, infact, the most imperative element when looking for ambulance lights on the market today.

There is a preference for fluorescent orange and yellow in a lot of circumstances, as they can be seen sufficiently against various different backgrounds. However, research has shown that there is no statistical difference when it comes to the conspicuity of fluorescent yellow-green and fluorescent red-orange. However, yellow-green is brighter. The visibility is what really matters.

You will need to find out whether there are any requirements regarding colors used for your state, as some states do have rules and regulations.

There are a number of other things that need to be considered when it comes to ambulance lights. This includes retroreflective conspicuity treatments, which enhances the recognition and visibility of the ambulances. Other factors include the color schemes of the overall vehicles, as well as graphics and lettering. Another factor to consider speed, as this impacts the performance.

Other emergency services

When we discuss the emergency services and their lighting requirements, it is easy to only think about ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles. Nevertheless, there are many other types of emergency vehicles. Again, the requirements for these vehicles differs from state-to-state, so you always need to look into this before you purchase lighting.

For example, blue lights can often be used across a wide range of emergency services. This includes the fire salvage team, teams responding to mine rescues, blood transfusion services, special forces that are responding to a national security emergency, nuclear emergency vehicles, bomb disposal, cave rescue, mountain rescue, and forestry commissions.

Green lights are not used often for emergency services, yet they can be used for doctors on emergency calls.

We have briefly spoken about amber lights. Amber lights do not grant priority in traffic, as is the case with blue lights. They are utilized for the purpose of emphasizing a truck or car, often because of a hazard. There are a number of different vehicles that use amber flashing lights from time-to-time. This includes removal vehicles and statutory immobilisation vehicles, surveying vehicles, vehicles with a width that exceeds 2.9 meters, vehicles with a slow maximum speed, breakdown recovery vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, road clearing vehicles, as well as highway and road maintenance vehicles.

Red lights are common on some emergency vehicles. This includes fire trucks in most states throughout the United States. There are also some states whereby red lights can be used on police cars as well.

What sort of things should you consider when you are looking for LED light bars?

There are numerous factors that need to be taken into account when you are looking for multi colored LED light bars for emergency vehicles. We will put together some of the most important elements below:

  • Always put quality first - The first thing you need to do is make sure that the product you choose is of a high quality. It should have a polycarbonate lens and a sealed structure. The sealed structure is vital to ensure that the light is protected from water. Moreover, opting for a polycarbonate lens is vital because it is not going to break like a glass lens would should flying debris hit it while on the road. Looking for a light that has a high IP rating is also highly recommended if you want to ensure the light is protected from washes, rain, dust, and impact. The higher the IP rating is, the more protected the light will be.
  • Read reviews - It is always a good idea to read reviews that have been left by people who have purchased emergency light bars from the company in question before. This is easier than it ever has been thanks to the Internet. You can easily read reviews on independent review platforms. You can see what other people who have purchased lights for emergency vehicle use have had to say. This can alert you to any red flags and prevent you from wasting your money on products that are not worth the cost.
  • Look at the warranty - It is always advisable to look at the warranty when you are purchasing a light. The warranty indicates the quality of the product. If an item does not come with a warranty, this does not instill much confidence in the product, does it? This is why it is a good idea to look at the warranty.
  • Check the voltage - You also need to check the voltage before you purchase LED lights. You need to make certain that the lighting you choose is going to be compatible with your vehicle’s operating voltage. For instance, you are not going to want to use a 6-volt light if your system is 12-volt. If you were to do this, the bulb would burn out at a rapid pace. Or, let’s say you used a 24-volt light for your 12-volt truck. If you were to do this, you would barely get any light output, and so it would not be helpful to you at all.
  • Think about investing in PC-rated lights - Another tip is to look for LED lights that are PC-rated. This is recommended because you will be able to cut down on the expenses associated with maintenance. Unlike other products on the market, which produce a 90-degree viewing angle, lights that are PC-rated produce a 180-degree viewing angle. Because they have a wide beam pattern, they cater to the requirement for one side marker light and one clearance light when they are installed on the back or front corners of a truck.

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At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we have a great selection of multi colored LED light bars for sale. This includes mini light bars, off road light bars, and much more. You can choose from different colors, patterns, and more. We also have lights from all of the best brands in the industry, and we have considered all of the rules, regulations, and safety standards that are in place. This can give you complete peace of mind when you purchase emergency LED light bars from our website. We can also help you should you need some assistance when buying emergency lights from our site.

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