LED Light Bar Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Who makes the best LED light bars?

When it comes to the production and sale of LED emergency lights, we’re confident that we’re the best in the business. Our thousands of positive customer reviews and success give us the credentials we need to say that with confidence.

However, we understand that choice is important. Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers a number of different products to suit all of your needs. Whether you need an LED light bar for a police vehicle, ambulance or a personal vehicle on your private property, we offer a wider choice to cover every use case.

Not only are our LED lights high-quality, but they’re also incredibly durable and affordable. Our goal is to serve those who serve us, hence why we try to reduce the prices on our equipment as much as possible in order to provide you with quality gear to carry out your job.

So whether you’re a first responder, a volunteer or someone who is generally interested in owning an LED light bar, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has you covered on all bases. We trust in our products and we’re able to deliver quality, value and functionality.

What website can I get an emergency light bar from?

Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers emergency lighting solutions in addition to civilian use ones. We have a wide range of styles available in our selection for all budgets and use cases. Whether you’re an emergency responder or part of a police force looking to equip their vehicles with reliable, durable and weatherproof lighting solutions, we have something for everyone.

Be sure to check out the units that we have on sale. We offer everything from tow truck specific lights to amber warning lights and dual-color flashing lights. We also offer smaller varieties that can be installed on motorcycles.

You can purchase online from our store or you can visit our showroom in Florida where we demonstrate all of our lights.

What size light bar will fit on the roof of my vehicle?

When purchasing a lighting solution for your vehicle it’s important to look at the dimensions to ensure it can fit on your vehicle. Typically, even the longest ones that we offer can fit on most vehicles, but there are some special cases to make for trucks and other larger vehicles.

All of our pages have descriptions and dimensions listed so that you can accurately measure out how much space you’ll need. We’ll also make a note of any special mounting options or concerns that you might need to keep in mind for when you install it.

We also have a knowledge base full of useful information on how to install each one of our light bars should you need guidance on an individual mounting system or type of light.

To start, make sure you measure the roof of your vehicle and compare it to the dimensions we have listed on each of our product pages. Keep in mind that, in most cases, the mounting systems will take up slightly less space than the light bar itself. If you have further questions or concerns, our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have that are related to the size.

What color are LED light bars?

Our products come in a variety of lighting colors. We adhere to all state requirements, so no matter where you’re located we have a LED color combination that will suit your needs. We also make sure to offer these on the majority of our lights (some exceptions are made for small lights such as hideaways) and we also offer alternating combinations. If you’re unsure what lights you’re required to use in your state, then our knowledge base contains all of the relevant information.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics also offers dual color technology LED light bars. These contain the typical two-color combinations but can also be switched to amber lighting for emergencies. We recommend these for emergency services and volunteers that are looking to replace their multi-light systems with a single solution that can handle everything.

Where can I buy light bars?

Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers one of the largest selections of LED light bars and emergency lighting on the internet. Simply check out the categories we offer by clicking the relevant links at the top or the left of the page to start browsing the variety of lights that we have on offer. To help you make a purchase, we include a list of details and dimensions that will help you choose the right lights for your needs. We also have an LED light bar buying guide to help you as well.

We also have various color combinations for people that emergency vehicle lighting, we have roof-mounted solutions that are larger in size and also smaller one that fit in the interior of your vehicle thanks to suction cups. We also sell sturdy mounting brackets for anyone that doesn’t want to drill holes into the body of their vehicle, thus preserving the integrity and look of their car.

Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in Florida to get a look at all of the emergency lights we offer and make a purchase.

Where can I get a light bar installed?

Since we ship the lights to you, we don’t offer an installation service. If you need assistance with installation, then we would recommend taking your vehicle and the light bar you purchased to a nearby mechanic so they can install them professionally. This shouldn’t take more than an hour and they will be done to a standard that you can trust. It can be fairly expensive to do this especially if you don’t visit the mechanic very often. If you know the mechanic, then they might even do this for free.

You could also ask a friend if they have some DIY knowledge. Alternatively, installations can typically be handled by yourself if you have some DIY knowledge. To assist this, we have plenty of articles in our knowledge base that will explain how to install each light. With these instructions and some basic DIY knowledge and tools, you can easily install them by yourself.

Just remember that you’ll need to purchase some equipment. In most cases, you could rent any tools you need from a friend or family member, but it might be worth purchasing your own so you can make adjustments or remove them in the future without having to borrow more tools.

Why is my LED light bar flashing?

Flashing LEDs are typically a sign of one of the diodes failing. Typically, all lights will flicker on and off but with halogen and fluorescent lights, the flashing isn’t easy to notice because the light persists. LEDs are far more efficient, so any fluctuations in the energy output will be noticed immediately and make it look like it’s flashing.

As a result, LEDs require a constant and reliable power supply. This means that a flashing LED light bar could indicate a fault or a lack of power. This could be loose wiring or faulty connection points. If you installed it yourself, then you may want to double-check the connections and ensure that enough power is being provided to the unit. If you have a friend or family member that can assist, then ask for their opinion to see if you’ve done anything incorrectly. You can also take it to a mechanic to verify that the problem is with the unit or your vehicle’s power delivery.

You might also have a setting switched on by accident. Many of the light bars we sell have strobing functionality. Ensure that the strobe function is not enabled and the lights should stop flashing.

If you suspect there is a fault with the unit itself, then we have a returns policy that is active for 30 days after you receive the product. You may request a refund or an exchange. For full details, please refer to our returns page.

Why should I add light bars to my truck?

One of the places that people commonly put our light bars is on their truck. This is often because they want to illuminate paths that they drive on, but there are some legal limitations when using these on public roads. However, if you have a jeep that travels off-road on private property, then it can be a lifesaver in the dark. Not only can it help light up your path, but it can also warn nearby people that you are in the vicinity. In most cases, they can be used to full effect when you’re out in the country and have the roads to yourself. They’re great for adding extra light and they’re also good for warning others.

Other people add bright emergency lights to their trucks because they’re volunteer first responders. When you need to get to a scene quickly, you need to have both flashing light bars and sirens to warn those around you that you’re in a hurry and need to get to someplace quickly. If you’re driving in conditions with poor visibility, then amber-colored lights can actually assist because they penetrate through fog, snow, dust and rain. This results in higher visibility and more safety out on the roads.

Lastly, some people purchase light bars purely because they look amazing. They’re big, industrial-looking add-ons that are both practical and stylish. However, even if you don’t use them on a regular basis, they can still add style points to your truck and make it look more expensive, luxurious and generally more awesome.

How do I make my light bar strobe?

Light bars can strobe if they have the right features. We offer a wide variety of strobing emergency lights, so take a look at the selection we offer. Make sure that the settings enable strobing or flashing, and consider how many flash patterns you want the lights to display. Some of our products that offer more patterns are more expensive, but they come with controllers and other settings that allow the user to change and program the settings to their liking. This makes them highly customizable and a much better option for those that need more control over the strobing effect.

If you want to make an existing light bar strobe, then it will require some DIY knowledge and additional components that we do not offer. The knowledge to do so is outside the scope of this article, so you’ll need to consult a DIY expert and have knowledge of electronics.

How do I mount my light bar without drilling?

Many units can be mounted without any drilling, cutting or even welding, but they will require mounting brackets and some basic tools.

Some mounting brackets can be placed on your license plate. In most cases, you’ll unscrew the license plate and put on another bracket that will allow you to install a unit on the front of your vehicle. This requires no drilling, cutting or welding, and simply requires you to purchase one of our mounting brackets.

Some light bars can be installed with suction cups. These interior versions are much smaller but still pack the same light strength and can easily be removed when they’re not required. This offers you a lot of extra customisation and utility, especially if you’re not using your light bar on a regular basis. This is the best option for vehicles that act as first response or emergency vehicles in addition to regular civilian vehicles.